Knex Assualt Rifle





Introduction: Knex Assualt Rifle

About: Name: Tom Staying, Bye

Hi guys

this is my new assualt rifle....

its kinda like an mp5?


Fore Grip
18 round blue rod mag
sight (can attach scope)

here it is



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    I looked at the front part, Okay then I looked at the stock and was like... X__X
    I am dead. Did that make any sense?

    Looks kinda like an M1 Thompson with a short mag and a front handle. COol looks, may build it.

    Interesting design, the stock needs work but I really like the rest.

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    Oh this thing, that was the first stock i ever made ;0

    Did you hear? KnexFreek is back!

    Yup, One of my first guns

    In England, tomorrow it will have been posted for 1 year.

    Hey, what mag design did you use on this?

    B.T.W, I think I've seen you somewhere before...

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    Theres LOADS of guns with this mag

    not like an mp5 but if u posted it i would definitly make
    5* for simplicity

    yer its nothing like an mp5

    iv changed title now

    Looks nothing like an MP5. What it does look like... It looks like you need to fix the stock. It's an open sided mag, don't need an external pusher, and I don't like the look fo that trigger either. But for the effort... I'd rate this about 2.5 stars, it's kind of average. Keep on at it, you'll get better.