Hi guys

this is my new assualt rifle....

its kinda like an mp5?


Fore Grip
18 round blue rod mag
sight (can attach scope)

here it is

I looked at the front part, Okay then I looked at the stock and was like... X__X <br>I am dead. Did that make any sense?
Looks kinda like an M1 Thompson with a short mag and a front handle. COol looks, may build it.
Interesting design, the stock needs work but I really like the rest.
Oh this thing, that was the first stock i ever made ;0
I see.
Good 'Ol Days!
Did you hear? KnexFreek is back!
not even close to a mp5
Yup, One of my first guns<br><br>In England, tomorrow it will have been posted for 1 year.
Hey, what mag design did you use on this? <br> <br>B.T.W, I think I've seen you somewhere before...
Theres LOADS of guns with this mag
not like an mp5 but if u posted it i would definitly make<br /> 5* for simplicity
yer its nothing like an mp5<br /> <br /> iv changed title now<br />
Looks nothing like an MP5. What it does look like... It looks like you need to fix the stock. It's an open sided mag, don't need an external pusher, and I don't like the look fo that trigger either. But for the effort... I'd rate this about 2.5 stars, it's kind of average. Keep on at it, you'll get better.<br />
oh<br /> <br /> i thought it was quite good<br /> <br /> :(<br />
Mp5 no. Piece of junk YES!
&nbsp;for once, I kind of agree with you.
This was the sort of thing I made in 2008.&nbsp; It would have been nice back then but not so much now.<br />
Dude, If you are going to post it, fix up that stock!
With that type of mag, you can use an internal m,ag pusher (looks at Viccie.B1993's el diablo)<br /> <br /> It ok, stock could use some work. 3*, just over average.
thnx<br /> <br /> <br />
no problem!<br />
wow that pretty cool! 5*<br />

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