It is a pistol from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare made of Knex. Although half of its in-game variants suck, the base one is nice. The Knex version is very nice.

Step 1: The Real Deal

This is a removable mags Atlas 45. The specs of it are shown.

-distance is great with good rubber bands
-looks nice
-removable mags
-durable (I dropped it many times now)

-1:1 scale, the Atlas 45 is a very large gun
-no slide
-ammo sometimes falls out
I got accepted for the Knex Contest. Please vote and rate this gun. I will post instructions for it if it gets 4 stars or more.
I might use orange connectors between the yellow rods.
Thanks tho.
I will get to that I don't have many pieces.
<p>The handle needs to be filled in and it just looks to skeleton. </p>
Please give me opinions and suggestions.

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Bio: I like building knex guns and modding nerf guns. I play Call of Duty and Minecraft. I also own a minecraft server.
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