Knex Attack Helicopter





Introduction: Knex Attack Helicopter

About: school's too easy for me so i use my extra time to build stuff out of k'nex

This is my knex helicopter.

here is a part count:
4 large gray rods
21 blue rods
110 green rods
73 white rods
1 red rod
5 yellow rods
10 blue spacers
7 silver spacers
5 green 4 slot connectors
36 red 3 slot connector
3 light gray 2 slot connectors
9 yellow 5 slot connectors
5 orange 2 slot connectors
3 dark gray 1 slot connectors
17 blue 7 slot connectors
35 gray or purple 4 slot connectors
1 tan clip
4 blue clips
and 1 motor if available :)

Step 1: Tail and Wings

this step is pretty simple. Be sure to make a double of each except the tail.

Step 2: The Head

Step 3: The Body

this is the only hard part which really isn't that hard

Step 4: Finishing Up

in this step, we'll be placing it all together.



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    this thing is the best thing i ever saw

    good instructable, and awesome helicopter. 5 stars!