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Hey guys, this is my most recent update of the aug, sorry bout taking so long, ive been very busy and havent had time, i will be posting instructions but not soon, sorry, heres the update.

-Same Range
-Same looks
-Better stock
-Same handle
-Same sights

Im still working on the firing pin, im trying to make a comfortable piring pin without reducing speed

Thanks guys, again sorry for taking soo long.


erikos kostarikos (author)2011-09-09

This keeps getting better, doesn't it? O.o

I guess, lol, im still working on the pin

nfk11 (author)2011-08-19

kinda looks like the one from black ops

Senior Waffleman (author)nfk112011-08-19

Ur lame

nfk11 (author)Senior Waffleman2011-08-23

im rating it 1

james4 (author)nfk112011-08-25

wow dude REALLY??? WTF you cant just do that because he called you lame this is epic

nfk11 (author)james42011-08-26

ughhhhh than ill change my rating to 5* it is pretty good though.

james4 (author)nfk112011-08-26

yeah it is pretty cool....

Senior Waffleman (author)nfk112011-08-23

wow dude, really? Just because i called you lame? And no guns are from black ops, theyre all real guns

nfk11 (author)Senior Waffleman2011-08-23

yeah i know.


shadowninja31 (author)nfk112011-08-19

Actually, it kinda looks like a real one. Oh wait! ;)

Thanks :D

DJ Radio (author)nfk112011-08-19



Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)2011-08-20

Are you posting?

Im gonna, im just having some stuff to do and havent had time.

OK, no problem, i understand. I'm loaded with homework at the moment.

You play Xbox LIVE? I have an Xbox 360 arriving in the mail because my b-day was yesterday. If my parents are alright paying for Xbox LIVE I'll PM you my username.

Im silver right now though

Alright, well I'm going to see if I can get Xbox LIVE.

well, usually, you get the 1st month free to a new account, then you pay for the rest, an silver is free, you need gold to use netflix or play inline

Yeah, well I'm kinda big with playing online so I think I'll get Gold.

once you run out of gold, it automaticly goes to silver or renews if you have a credit card

Oh I didn't know that, thanks. I just know for a gold membership is, you can pay seven dollars a month or just pay 50 dollars all at once for a whole year. I think the fifty dollars is the best deal.

Its not 50, its 60, they raised the prices

Aw, man. Oh well, I'll still try and convince my parents.

Cool, yeah :D

TigerNod (author)2011-08-21

That's a really good replica. I like it.

Thanks Tiger :D havent talked to you in a while :o

That's right. I, uhm... I haven't been very busy with Knex lately. Too much homework and too much lazyness, I guess, lol.

Me too :(

Too bad... Nothing wrong with lazyness though if you ask me. ;-)

haha, i know right?

gassybeans (author)2011-08-21

Stop Making all these updates, and just post the damn instructions!!

I will, i just dont have that much time, im really busy, ok, im just posting updates of what i have improved on the gun, i want to be at its optimum point before posting

Sorry, im VERY impatient, im currently working on a lord of the rings elvish bow.


MegaMetal8 (author)2011-08-21

ReaL good man

Thanks :D

The Chunky Sniper! (author)2011-08-20

Looks pretty cool.

TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-08-19


Thanks :P

your welcome your stuff always is =D

Again, thanks :D

your welcome =D

beanieostrich (author)2011-08-19

This is looking great. =D

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