Picture of Knex AK47

Here I have my Knex AK47, basically just another pin gun that looks really good. It does shoot; because of this the barrel had to be very ugly. I could have designed the barrel better if it did not shoot. But the rest of the gun looks fine. I put a large rubber band on the handle for comfort. Shoots white rods. More Specs:

  • Working AK design.
  • Shoots 40FT using two bands.
  • Magazine holds 10 white rods.
  • Banana magazine lips in and out.
  • True trigger style.
  • Rear and front sights.
  • Full and skeleton stock.
  • Sturdy build design.
  • Bullet may misfire and hit front sight post.
  • Good build quality.
I hoped you liked my AK47! Remember to comment and subscribe!
Also, check out my other awesome knex guns:

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Wher do you people get all of these knex peuces? I wish i had some. I dont know where to get them. The only have little lame sets at stores near me... They look so cool...
Bad spelling. >:(
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago
Well, you can order some from different stores on the internet.
Here is a link to
Waaaaaay back... I looked at the link again, and i think the new knex bricks may be compatible with legos! Cool! I decided to respond here to the comments on your OB...
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago
Your welcome! :D
The body is great. The lower reciver where the handle is located is a little messy. But overall it looks nice.
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  Blue Mullet1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
this is confusing...
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  kwintisolo122341 year ago
Yep, funny how that worked out...
tytiger331 year ago
Now you only need to work on posting Ibles for your beautiful guns.
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  tytiger331 year ago
I am not sure.
Awww. Well it's a shame to see such good replicas not get posted.
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  tytiger331 year ago
Well, I am posting my Sig 552 a full set of instructions. :)
Thank you. I will be sure to build it soon.
nice i like it
Thank you! :D
your welcome =D
SYMEN1 year ago
Ha,ha nice!! I just posted one of my old guns like a few minutes ago. I'm working on a second version that could be more powerful than the one I just posted. You should go check it out!
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  SYMEN1 year ago
Okay. I shall.
Ok, thanks. lol, what's with the anime?
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  SYMEN1 year ago
Do you not like anime!? I love anime things! :D
No, I like anime too. I just didn't expect you to have an anime girl for your profile picture. But I like emo more than I like anime. I have a few friends that are emo.
If I may ask, what exactly is emo? I've heard it a lot, but I don't realy know what it is
It's a culture. Kind of like gothic, but different. If memory serves right, I think I only have one friend that is emo. It's a guy. I have another guy and a girl that are also friends of mine, they're both gothic. An average emo person is usually pale- skinned with straight black hair, black eye shadow around the eyes, black finger nails, and black toenails. I've seen some tan emo girls that are really hot.
Ok, thanks for explaining
Your welcome.
Yep. Also, what I meant by me liking emo over anime is because there are some anime shows that have emo characters in them, and those are simply the best types of anime to me. lol, do you watch my little pony by any chance?
Yeah, I watch MLP, and I like it. Why, if I may ask?
lol, no wonder you have my little pony for a profile picture! So, let me get this straight.... you're a guy,and you watch my little pony... are you serious?
Hmm, not bad. I agree with honey cakes though, a full stock would be better. But then again, your idea of doing something new/different is kinda cool. I like how you enjoy what ever you build. As to the gun itself, an different mag would be better. AK-47 shoots 7.62x39 mm rounds, so you mag is the right width, but could be edited to advantage. The body is it accurate to size, though?
The body is correct. My friend has a real-sword AK-47 and it looks fine. This gun took a very strange feed out of the magazine so I needed to go all Tokyo Marui on that mag (Airsoft players will laugh if they know what I mean). I actually found this gun under my piles of clothes. I upgraded half of the thing...
Alright. Thanks for replying...
Your welcome! Whatcha think of the update?
Yup. Well, I like the stock you added. Again, I like to see someone who enjoys building just as much as I do. Are you working on anything else ATM? I have a couple ideas in mind...Magpul Massada ACR, P90, KAP40...things of that sort. I always have a ton of ideas, but only some of them work...some do not, ya never know...
I think you should do the Massada. That one is one of my favorite rifles. :D
Oh is it? Hmm...Well, thanks for your input.
nfk111 year ago
"BANANA MAAAAAAAAAAG" *throws the banana mag at friend during airsoft war*

nice job on the gun.
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