Introduction: Knex BB-8

I was thinking for something out of knex to make for the sci-fi contest and I thought of making a knex bb-8. When I looked, I found out that there was not a knex bb-8 on instructables. I was surprised because bb-8 is one of the most popular star wars robots. So I decided to make it. At first I was going to make it with a motor, but it didn't work, so I made is so it doesn't move. Hope you like it.

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Step 1: Parts Count


Light Grey - 8

Orange - 76

Red - 1

Grey 3D - 64

Yellow - 14


Green - 50

White - 128

Blue - 12

Yellow - 25


Black Wheel (it snaps onto the end of a rod) - 1

Blue Spacers - 8

Silver spacers - 8

Step 2: The Panels

Pic 1: Make six of these.

Pic 2: Make two of these.

Pic 3: Snap the first part into the second part two times.

Pic 4: Make two of these.

Pic 5: All of the things you made in this step.

Step 3: The Head

Pic 1: Make this bottom part of the head.

Pic 2: Add a ring around the bottom for support.

Pic 3: Snap on these small parts to the bottom.

Pic 4: Add these to the middle of the head.

Pic 5: Snap yellow connectors to the top of the head.

Pic 6: Add a white connector and white rods to the top of the head.

Pic 7: Make so the front of the head looks like this.

Pic 8: Add this to hold the eye.

Pic 9: Snap the eye on and you are done with the head.

Step 4: Connecting

Pic 1: Snap 5 panels together to look like this.

Pic 2: Add the last panel to create a "box".

Pic 3: Put supports at the corners of the body.

Pic 4: Another view

Pic 5: Set the head on the body

Pic 6: Connect the head to the body with spacers and a blue rod and a grey connector at the end four times.

Step 5: Your Done!

You have just made the only knex bb-8 on instructables.


coolcrafter101 (author)2017-01-20

Is there any way to make the bottom round?


There is way, but I didn't think of it yet and it might not be the right colors. The bottom has rounded edges and it is the right colors, so that is what I used.

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