Knex BBAP (Bull-pup Bolt-action Assault Pistol)

Knex BBAP pic 1.JPG
Knex BBAP pic 17.JPG
Here is one of my latest creations, the BBAP. One of the number one reasons I built this gun was because of Sharir's bolt-action pistol. *Credit to him for the handle BTW.* I wanted to build an equally amazing gun compared to his without all of the cut parts required for his gun, and yes, I know, some of those parts that were cut for his gun could be substituted. As I got further along in my building process, I decided that I should make the gun bull pup for innovation reasons. After days of hard work I finally got the gun to work flawlessly. Yes, this gun is true bolt-action, and no more worrying of pulling the ram and bolt out of the gun, I have a ram lock so that problem never happens. And depending on the feedback I get for this gun, I may actually post it or get some internal pics, it depends. Now for the pros and cons:

Pretty good range (50-60ft)
Firing pin lock
Removable mag
Decent Looks (In my opinion)
Decent sights (In my opinion)
Structurally strong and well-built
Internal mag pusher

Has 13 cut parts, but 10 can be substituted.   

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i see this as more of a minature SMG, more for size, but awesome job on the whole project ^_^ i like how you've done the trigger so bulky over the top of the gun, it fits in rather nicely :D
Yeah, I saw that it looked more like a miniature smg myself too, but I just went with pistol instead.
still an awesome gun ^_^ by the way, does the trigger mech form a part of the barrel end? or is there something special to it?
No, it doesn't really form the barrel end, there's really nothing special to it. The trigger works like some other typical triggers.
i don't think i made much sense of what i said and meant, does the trigger mech part so there's room for the rod to pass through?
Yes, it's made so the rod can pass through the trigger mech.
ahhhh, never though of that before : | although i wouldn't have the necessary pieces : (
didexo1 year ago
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  didexo1 year ago
Nope, the gun is gone.
Oh thats to bad :(
Sharir17012 years ago
i'm trying to use your magazine to make something with mine, but i can't see how the mag connects to the gun... could you show me or try to explain?
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  Sharir17012 years ago
okay with the orange connector facing to the left like in the pictures, there is a ball joint to the right of it connected to the row of orange connectors. this connects to one of the Y-connectors you see when the mag is taken off. the left y-connector connects to the blue rod.
oh yeah, sorry, i forgot to say i noticed that. i just missed that picture where you can see the y-clips. but what ball joint are you talking about?
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  Sharir17012 years ago
The ball joint connector that's on the mag that's attached to top of the middle row of connectors. Scroll down to the seventh picture on this ible and look at the right side of the mag that's attached to the gun.
nvm, got it (i think?). the one that is hooked on the green rod above it, and serves as the ramp?
There's no such thing as an "assault pistol".. good stuff tough POST IT! :D
No way there's no such thing?!?!? *Hence the sarcasm* That's why there is this lovely toy called knex, where you can make something that doesn't have to be a model of something. Also, there is this nice bonus where you can name the thing you made whatever you want!
Calm your titties, Mr. ICantHandleCritism. I'm just saying that such thing just doesn't exist, just tell me your idea about an "assault pistol".. and whats so much different than a normal pistol...
Also I like the gun, next time don't take anything as offense or overreact..

anyways you're going to post it? :o
Lol, I was making a point, I can handle criticism. You're not even criticizing what I made, you're comparing what I made to something in real-life to something that doesn't exist. And that's the great thing about knex, no one has to tell me what I should name it. I could name it the ThingyMoBob 5000 if I wanted to. Example of Criticizing (Not referenced to this gun): "The Mag-well looks too big, you should fix that." Then I say, "I will see what I can do."
Thats constructive critism, no?
I criticized the name because you're referring to something/claiming, and giving it a random name is not appointing it to be something.. I wont go further down with this tbh. Ignorant people....
No, it isn't constructive criticism. I can name anything I make a random name if I want to. Constructive criticism, is when you give someone advice that builds them up, or helps them improve. Just simply stating "there's no such thing as an assault pistol," does not build me up or help me improve. You're just simply stating a fact. I don't know why you're referencing me to being ignorant, when you're one yourself. Everyone is ignorant at something, but I'm definitely not ignorant with this situation.
I was talking about your sentence "The Mag-well looks too big, you should fix that."
:Facepalm: you wrote assualt aswell now I think of it.. >_>
This is defiantly cool. I'd like to own one. 0_o
tytiger332 years ago
I say post it. We need more bolt actions on here.
i agree with the first half, not with the second. he should post it, but we have more than enough bolt actions on the site, and besides, that's a bad logic to go with. if you say post something just because we have only 30 of those, and need more, then forget about it. i'm not talking about this gun in specific, btw (that last part is a disclaimer for Raz1r)
I'll revise that statement then.
We need more REAL and GOOD bolt actions on here.
i'm only talking about real bolt actions. we have plenty of those on here. but i agree that most of them aren't good, or are just zkar remakes. though there are a lot of good ones here too. still, my statement about it being a bad logic stands.
H1T4TCH12 years ago
I like bullpup, I hope you post it and keep up the good work.
Sharir17012 years ago
ok, so where to start?! first of all, amazing gun! good job. i know how hard it is to get this kind of mechanism spot on, and you did, so good job. i had to lol immediately when i saw the first picture... i knew it had something to do with mine (thanks for the credit btw). i got here because i saw what you said on kinetic's post, and i have to say i wasn't expecting much, because of the way it sounded (i mean, i thought it was just another simple bolt action pistol that i've seen so many of), but i am very impressed. it definitely sounds good, and i believe it works good as well. the major problem with the setup of my S2 is the fact i am almost certain that a removable mag for it is impossible, but your BBAP has one, which is awesome, and i also like the mag btw... your design? i have a soft spot for bullpups... i just like 'em. if i had to change something about it, i would change the trigger mechanism. i don't know what you could do better, and i'm not saying i could either, but i just don't like this one. in conclusion, if you were to compare it to my S2, it is a good runnerup. it definitely takes it in removable mag and in ease of use. i do think my S2 is better performance-wise, though. according to what you said, mine gets better range, mine has a higher caliber, and mine is probably more accurate. also, i think mine uses less pieces, but i'm non sure. overall, great work, and i hope to see you work on this further. you have a 5* from me.
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  Sharir17012 years ago
I tried my best, I couldn't think of another way to put a better trigger system on there. I'm still thinking of a way though, and if I get it completely perfected, that's when I'll post it. I don't know how soon I'll post it though, I'm still busy with a lot of chores.
k good luck
btw, i like the way how the mag attaches to the gun. also, do i see correctly that the mag has no bullet stop? so it's one of those mags where you cock it before loading and un-cock it after insertion, and you can't take it out in the middle? oh that's too bad... it's still good, but it's a con.
oh and one last thing, about the cut parts:
correction* all the cut parts on mine can be substituted. your's has 3 essential ones, while mine only has pretty much one, which is the bolt pin, and that can also be subbed.

btw, don't take this the wrong way, yes? this is my constrictive criticism on your gun.
AUG-5OM32 years ago
It looks very interesting. I'd love to see this one posted
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  AUG-5OM32 years ago
Actually, considering the days upon days I worked on this, I would hate to not share it. So I'm most likely going to post it.
I forgot. Maybe a video might be useful? If you have a camera of course.
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  AUG-5OM32 years ago
I think I can take videos with my camera, but I'm not sure. With a video, do you have to have a YouTube account or something to post it on here?
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  AUG-5OM32 years ago
Just found out that you need a YouTube account or something to put a video on here, and I'd rather not make a YouTube account.
That's a shame. And I don't have/want one either. So I'll just have to see it for myself then =D
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  AUG-5OM32 years ago
I guess so. Once I get a considerable amount of time, I'll take pictures and then try to post an ible.
Sweet! BTW what kind of broken pieces are necessary? Rods or connectors (or both =D)
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  AUG-5OM32 years ago
Both, but there is only 3 that are necessary.
I like it.
Hm, is there anything else you would say? This isn't trying to sound rude, it's just this gun took me forever to get right. The mechanism was very tricky with the path for the bullet leading into the firing chamber.
lol i know exactly what you mean...
(removed by author or community request)
I plan on posting this, but right now I'm kind of busy.
Wow! I WISH I HAD Y ROD/CONNECTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't tell if you're yelling at me or forgot to turn caps-lock off. Also I'm not sure if you're telling me if my gun is good or not.
Sorry man. The gun looks AMAZING! I was just saying that I wish I had Y rod-connecters, that's all. Sorry about that.
Thanks! It took quite a while to get it working perfectly.
I want it