Ok this is my first instructable so please go easy on me. basically this is a modded verson of https://www.instructables.com/id/Small-Easy-Knex-gun-with-magazine-for-8-12-BB-ball/. made by babbie. it has a different look and i like it a lot. well here it is:

Step 1: Handle

build this

Step 2: Firing Pin

1. Gather Materials
2. Tape Together
3. Sharpen the gray/black rod

Step 3: Barrel Part #1

Just follow the pictures.

Step 4: Trigger Part #1 and Magazine

1. this is pretty easy

Step 5: Barrel Part #2

Follow the pics.

Step 6: Trigger Part #2

Again Just Follow the pics.

Step 7: Attach Handle

And yet again all you have to do is look at the pics.
I know what it saids: AwSoMe, should i build this gun without the snake?,call of duty clan.
i saw the box, and i am not a pro member :) how's that possible? answer it!
You were an instructables member a while back?
Nope :)<br><br>Guess... :P
Somebody gave you the link to the pdf?
hah no.
TELLL MEEEEE D:&lt;<br><br>OH WAIT WAIT.<br><br>there was a screenshot somewhere?
nope. :-D
OH OH! Computer lag?
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope =D
Can you just tell me?
Yes I can.<br><br>I read it on an I'ble a few months ago. You have Google Chrome browser ?<br><br>If so, right-click on the yellow box, there should come some things and the lowest one, there should be: &Iacute;nspect element' or something like that, don't know exactly &ccedil;ause I don't have an English browser. I know it's the lowest box thing.<br><br>Then, just hit 'delete'on your keyboard if the thing is loaded, en then it should be gone =D<br><br>If you want it back, just hit 'F5' on your keyboard. The page will reload and you have it back =D
Seriously dude?<br>it jusst says<br><br>you cant see this unless u look at the pdf muhahhahhahahaha<br><br>made me waste my time figuring out wat inspect element was.....<br>
Wut? I have done it for a million times now.
some of us r too lazt to open up chrome <br>just tell us what it says <br>
This is just a knex gun that can shoot airsoft pellets, but it's not truly an airsoft gun, as the firing pin strikes the bb, instead of using air to push the bb out of the barrel.
Whoever make airsoft guns or bb guns out of knex are wasting their life. They probably go a few feet. Obviously you guys are not allowed to have airsoft guns so you build these instead.
maybe, maybe not. stop being pessimistic
how to load and fire
can somebody tell me were im sposed to put the second thing in 9th picture i cant tell
<p>you should make the barrel&nbsp; longer and have a tri pod at the end it will look really cool i did it<br /> &nbsp;</p>
what happened to all of part 2 idk how its even suppose to fire no affence.<br />
Dude i like the way it is made but... <br /> it is kind of hard to see the way the peices go together.
&nbsp;i hate when they put a box inside a box
oh thats your hand i didnt know that :-|
its okay :) ;]
(removed by knex gun that shot this comment)
That's cool. I made one too except it has a magazine in the handle :)
the middle box says: "you cant see this unless u look at the pdf muhahhahhahahaha"
uhh how does it work?
no bad, 5/5/
That rating? From YOU?
leave the guy alone it shoot airsoft bbs so he said its a KNEX airsoft shooter so give him a rest. anywayz good good and clear instuctions thx and good make
looks prety good but wat does it shoot? and no offense but an airsoft gun is a gun that shoots pellets from compressed air. not the knex ram rod system.
I have a cheap airsoft pistol with a spring piston
It shoots airsoft bb's, but definetly not using airsoft.
I don't think so 1st yours is a copy 2nd it sucks 3rd if you put the barrel of the gundiwn the bb goes out of the barrel
what is that thing
does it even do anything
"Ok this is my first instructable so please go easy on me." ...
alot hahah
At least it is a true trigger.

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