Well, I just felt it was necessary to post this shottie because it is relatively easy to make and its a very fun weapon to have in your arsenal. 

Step 1: Side Panel 1 / Internals


Step 2: Side Panel 2 / More Stuff.

Step 3: Barrel / Banding

Step 4: You Are Done.

You have now completed the BCS3 gun. Post pics of it in the comments if you make.

Does this gun involve any broken pieces?
In all of honesty, yes it does.
You could move the trigger back a bit..
Not sure if that would work or not.
How much range does this get? :P
If built correctly it should get about 40 ft.
I dislike the trigger.
Thank you. It is sort of weird.
You are the 3,100th commentor =D

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