Hi. I have my new compact gun for you that has a new cool feature... READ THE STATS XD

Very Powerful
Good range 25-40ft
Decent pullback
*QuickSwap Barrel
Easy to fix

Can get bad range (rare though)
Has to be banded just right

Credit to rec0n for the M4 pistol grip/trigger guard.
Credit also goes to knex mad for his break action gun idea.
Pretty good!
Cheers. =)
=# copyrighted.
Whats copyrighted?
=# <br> <br> ^<br> This smiley.
Oh. I see now. =)
Lol! =#
That's pretty cool :D nicely done.
Cheers! I may post this if you want to build.
I don't know if I would build it, but I just might if you post it.
I will post sometime soon, but I do have a broken piece warning for it. And since when were you a &quot;pro&quot; member?
I've lots of broken pieces :P And I've been one since today! I won the weekly play challenge for knex guns, and won a few things including a pro membership :D
Oh Yeah! Your a Pro.
Yeah I am!
Lucky. =)
The gun is posted lol.
Cool, I'm posting my F2000 today.
Ill be ready for it =)
Good for you man. =D
Looks very interesting :D
Thank you =)
Your welcome :D
You have anything new?
Yeah, its gonna be up soon :D
Ill be waiting for it.
If you built, what would you change?
awesome, the only thing missing, looks and realibility
Thank you!
cool =D
Cheers =D Just one of my little projects.
That's pretty nice!<br>
Looks great! =D
Cheers mate =D
no bother =D
Looks very nice<br>Would defo try building this :)
Thanks! I will warn you that you need like 5 or 6 broken pieces though.
Thank you =)
pretty cool
kein probleme
What ammunition does it use?
A grey connector and orange connector with a green rod connecting them.
Cheers =)
love it loading
Cheers =) Just one of my little weekend experiments gone right lol.

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