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Hello knexers. I know I have not posted in a good bit but here is my latest gun. It is a war-shotgun. BSAS stands for Beanieostrich Standard Assault Shotgun. It uses my "standard" AR platform. Although this will be the last gun to be standard AR platform since I have like 3 guns *not including this one* that use the platform. Now with all that out of the way, lets see what it does shall we?

Very Powerful
Great range 30-45ft
High ROF
Removable 12 shot mag *It shoots 3 bullets per "shot or slug"*
Very Durable
Easily Adaptable

Uses a standard AR platform for too long now
Too big/heavy for some situations
Looks a little weird

Nothing else to say.



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    NICE! How heavy though? Yeah, i bet it's REALLY durable. lol

    how to make the Knex BSAS

    can you tell me why i cant post anything because every time i try it says it needs a description even though it has one.

    It is probably the site's code gone mad again. Have you tried resetting your cache and browsing data?

    I have no idea what that is

    Well, its sort of like a memory but it can be reset by going to the options menu of your browser. What browser do you use?

    Internet Explorer

    To delete the cache you do this: Tools > Safety > Delete browsing history.../.

    Didnt' work i'll try Mozzila

    I got it you can look at it now

    Tiz OK.

    You should do summin awesome for your 100th ible.

    You know what? You are right. I just need something fun, powerful, and reliable for that 100th ible.

    It all depends on what the gun is. =)

    Nice gun but i hate how your guns have ridiculously high piece counts >_<

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    Cheers. =) I just happen to have a lot of pieces lol.