Picture of K'nex Balisong/Butterfly Knife
i know that the handles are not very stable, the smoothness of opening is not very good, and its very large. aside from that, this butterfly knife actually has a recognizable blade and handles that cover the blade (somewhat) when closed. plus, it even locks open.
and sorry for any blurriness.

Step 1: Blade

Picture of Blade
the broken 90* connector is not a design requirement, it was simply the piece i had available when i built this. a 45* could also be used in its place.

The degrees symbol isn't right. If you have used the Alt key, then do this: Alt+0 . You will come up with this: º . Hope this is some advice. =:^D

con man4 years ago
halo994 years ago
Can this do tricks like a real butterfly knife, or is it just switch blade. Because im looking for a knex ballisong to practice with so i wont cut my self with the real thing
The Sensei (author)  halo994 years ago
this one is kinda flimsy for trying tricks but i do have a reverse ballisong tht would be ok for tricks, also you can get practice butterfly knives or for a cheaper alternative put a strip of electrical tape up the blade to cover the edge. hope this helps =:^b
wow nice this is the only other butterfly knife (other one being mine) that has a blade that actually looks like one - pretty cool
The Sensei (author)  SomeAsianKid4 years ago
thanks!! if you like this one you should check out my Reverse Balisong K'nex Knife.
k lemme check it out :D
~KGB~4 years ago