Knex Scissor Lift





Introduction: Knex Scissor Lift

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Here is a instruction for a Lift I invented at my one.

Step 1: Gears

You'll make the Gears first.

Step 2: Handle

Now you'll make a handle

Step 3: This Up and Down Thing

Step 4: The Tower

Now you'll make the tower



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    Wha, it was years ago I made this and nobody ever used it in a ball machine, thanks! You just suddenly revived memories :P

    cool! Can I use this in my ball machine i just started building? =D

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    Yeah, of course, but please give credits! :)

    Maybe you can make it faster by gearing it less down, I never tried out whether the motor is strong enough for that. :P

    Cool, thanks! I'll try that and tell you whether it works! =D

    So cool!!! 5 stars! And nice job! I've seen this kind of principle used in the real world, but never thought of it for a ball machine lift. Good job-you've sparked my imagination...

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    Yes, I have tried modding this so that the piston distance ammount went further, but I seem to be struggling on the positioning on part where the piston goes through to push the ;scissor' together

    You'll just have to make this scissors thing higher, then everything goes higher. If it doesn't work you'll need more power so you'll have to make it with the gears (frome small to big). :)

    Ok, im really struggling really hard, I had one attempt then had to go to bed :P

    I Made a mistake, it was meant to say 'Im not really struggling that hard'

    Yes, but please give creadits to me. And please juse in future the reply button!

    fine, but don't forget the thng all at the top, unless the ball doesn't get out. :)