Knex Ball Machine Apocalypse





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Apocalypse

Here it finally is, my new knex ball machine Apocalypse!
Construction time was about half a year, it has 4 networks with 16 paths.
For a full image gallery please visit my website!
Thank you to the community for inspiring me on tons of things in this ball machine - wouldn't have manged to make it without you guys!

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Questions & Answers


question how do you make the elevator lift come back down or reverse itself?

With a mechanism thingy that took me like 3-4 months to build with several non-working designs :P

Somehow similar like how a gearing is working in a car, only automatically triggered ;)

Oh. (sorry late reply... not in comment tracker...)

better late than never ;)

SICK! wow awesome ball machine. I'm still amazed by the height of that monster. Nice job sir

Haha, thank you!