Here we are. My 4th knex ball machine. It has a total of 9.2 paths, 7 new elements, about 50' of track, and 4 lifts, including Shadowman39's double helix lift. It took me about 3 months to build and edit it. Enjoy the video.
<p>I like the mood it sets with fuzzy camera and mostly dark, metallic, pieces. Bravo</p>
That's a very nice ball machine you have there.... it would be a shame if something were to happen to it....
2nd time still laughed
Only older iblers would get that ;)
i know what trolololo is
<p>Who Doesn't?</p>
Yup. It's pretty much the Russian rick roll.
I'm Russian!
Ha, yeh
i like path 9.1 <br>
Thanks. I like it too :)
I liked path 6!
Thanks! I'm working on another ball machine right now. It should be published this weekend.
np and nice!
What is that motor on slide 4?
It's a duel powered motor. I bought a set off of ebay that came with it, but the buttons to control it were garbage. So I hooked up a A/C adaptor to it.
Oh. Thanks!
Does the hammer lift gain quite alot of height for the balls? could you tell me about it, im probably gonna build a ball machine soon so please explain.<br><br>Or do you know any good lifts which get 2-3 ft of height which dont take many pieces? Thanx<br><br>Anyway. GR8 Ball machine 5*
that would be awesome!
What would?
A ball machine made by you :-)
Yeh dude, thanks. If you sub (or are) when its realeased you'll see it.<br><br>The hammer lift failed so im using a chain lift and maybe a custom lift by me if it works
To tell you the truth I'm not quite sure how high it can hit a ball. I will be testing that after Bromine is down. But I'm pretty sure the more weight you add the higher it will go. I actually had to take some weight off. It was so powerful it hit it up past the first arm lift and almost to the other one. Probably a lift that wouldn't take up much pieces would ether be a chain lift or some type of arm lift.
Ok thanks
hey awesome ball machine! i love the different elements (|o0|)<br> W
Nice! I like it! :)
Thanks for my 100th comment!
spectacular 5*s
It looks splendid. 5*
Amazing! 5*
awesome.i love it

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