Knex Ball Machine Catastropha





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Catastropha

Here it is finally, Catastropha!
After more than one year of construction it has 11 lifts and 17 paths!
For the full description and the slide-show please visit this website!
And here's the vid:

Oh, and I forgot to mention: I have created 6 vLogs to Catastropha, hidden, and if at least 20 people want me to publish them I'll do so.
And if you want me to take any more pic of Catastropha I'll also put that on my website! :)



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    I realised that I did not comment on this either :P

    Epic machine though :) How many pieces in this build (because I know you would have counted them :P) )

    Ha, thanks!
    Also, i stated that one my website:

    Woah, you counted the pieces of a ball machine? I'm surprised. :-P Nice parts list though, with all the pictures of pieces. Are you going to do that with Apocalypse?

    i thought you new i did, i also had a contest running on piece guessing :P

    Also, probably not going to count apocalypse as it uses waaaay more pieces :P

    Ha, I forgot about the contest too.

    Get a new brain :P
    /me hides

    But the new brain wouldn't have any memory stored at all. :-P

    But maybe its storage capacity will be slightly better >.>

    In the picture, it looks like there are bubbles. :-P

    Also, I just noticed I had never commented on this, so... Great ball machine! :-D

    ha, lol, i know that that pic is a bad pic :P
    And lol that you never commented on it xD