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Hi fellows.
As you can see I am working on a ball machine. Sorry for some of the grainy pictures. (I'm building it in my basement) I'll get better lighting for the official video and pictures.
     So far the machine has 3 networks and 5 lifts including, a large chainsaw lift, bezempje95's stacker lift, a wheel lift with holes, Shadowman39's modified stepper lift, (modified for the newer balls) and last but not least, Shadowman39 and Tornado96's alternating arm lift. Whew! It also has a conveyer belt based on Keggore1's (therealkeggore) conveyer belt. It also has a new type of path selector as seen in picture thirteen. The path selector is a white connector floor slightly elevated in the center. So when the ball drops in the center it rolls in 1 of 4 detections choosing a different path.
     I am planning on making 10 paths maybe more depending on how many pieces I have left. Once I'm half way done with the paths I'll post another update. Enjoy the video!


Orangeprofessor (author)2012-07-08

This preview is Awesome !!!!!!eleven!!!!!11. Cant wait to see the finishers product

Thanks. I'm working on uploading everything right now!

Tornado96 (author)2012-06-22

Wow It feels awesome to see our lift being used by someone else *sniffle*

haha Looks great so far! havn't seen a Ball separating machine in a while!

KneXtreme (author)Tornado962012-06-23

Thanks. I've been meaning to make a ball separating machine for a while but never got around to building one until now.

Shadowman39 (author)2012-06-17

This looks great so far! Cool to see the ball separator at the beginning, and the 4-way path selector. I also have that minifig head in picture 13. :-P

KneXtreme (author)Shadowman392012-06-17

Thanks. The minifig head also works great for sorting coins.

Shadowman39 (author)KneXtreme2012-06-18

I might try that sometime, but I already hand-sorted my coins, so I'll have to unsort them first haha.

dr. richtofen (author)2012-06-17

Awesome work as always! Looking forward for the 'official' photos and video =D

KneXtreme (author)dr. richtofen2012-06-18

Thank you :) I expect it to be done sometime in July.

dr. richtofen (author)KneXtreme2012-06-18

No problem =D and nice

sandroknexmaster (author)2012-06-17

Great! That's a cool ball machine and it isn't finished yet :D

Thank you. I just finished the first path and I'm almost done with the second.

Sorunome (author)2012-06-17

Nice ball machine! I especially like the switch! Keep it going!

KneXtreme (author)Sorunome2012-06-17


jameshond (author)2012-06-17

nice ballmchine

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