Knex Ball Machine Copper Update





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Copper Update

Hi fellows.
As you can see I am working on a ball machine. Sorry for some of the grainy pictures. (I'm building it in my basement) I'll get better lighting for the official video and pictures.
     So far the machine has 3 networks and 5 lifts including, a large chainsaw lift, bezempje95's stacker lift, a wheel lift with holes, Shadowman39's modified stepper lift, (modified for the newer balls) and last but not least, Shadowman39 and Tornado96's alternating arm lift. Whew! It also has a conveyer belt based on Keggore1's (therealkeggore) conveyer belt. It also has a new type of path selector as seen in picture thirteen. The path selector is a white connector floor slightly elevated in the center. So when the ball drops in the center it rolls in 1 of 4 detections choosing a different path.
     I am planning on making 10 paths maybe more depending on how many pieces I have left. Once I'm half way done with the paths I'll post another update. Enjoy the video!



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    This preview is Awesome !!!!!!eleven!!!!!11. Cant wait to see the finishers product

    Thanks. I'm working on uploading everything right now!

    Wow It feels awesome to see our lift being used by someone else *sniffle*

    haha Looks great so far! havn't seen a Ball separating machine in a while!

    Thanks. I've been meaning to make a ball separating machine for a while but never got around to building one until now.

    This looks great so far! Cool to see the ball separator at the beginning, and the 4-way path selector. I also have that minifig head in picture 13. :-P

    Thanks. The minifig head also works great for sorting coins.

    I might try that sometime, but I already hand-sorted my coins, so I'll have to unsort them first haha.

    Awesome work as always! Looking forward for the 'official' photos and video =D

    Thank you :) I expect it to be done sometime in July.