Knex Ball Machine: Dragonfire, Elements





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine: Dragonfire, Elements

Hi everyone

Here are some photos and instructions of my new elements.
You can find them all in my second knex ball machine Dragonfire, if you want to see them working.
I hope everything is clear enough, if not feel free to ask.

And now let's get building!


Step 1: Multiple Ball Zigzag

Step 2: Big Ferris Wheel

Step 3: Vertical Clickers

Step 4: Horizontal Clickers

Step 5: Four Balls Divider

Step 6: Ball Arm

Step 7: Small Ball Arms

Step 8: Blue Path

Step 9: Two Balls Divider

Step 10: Spiral Stairs

Step 11: Simple Stairs

Step 12: Special Ball Arm

Step 13: Mini Ferris Wheel



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    How is the 7 small ball arms supposed to work? is it in one of your ball machines?

    All of these elements are in my ball machine Dragonfire, there's a link in the intro of this instructable. There you can watch the video :)

    Hey man I love your creations. I used to be really into knex but found other interests later. I recently came upon 25000 piece collection again, and being stuck inside due to winter, I organized it all and am getting back into making stuff like ball machines, which you give me good ideas. Keep the good work up :)

    That's nice to hear! Did you already post stuff before? I'm curious to see what you come up with.


    Great elements like in all of your ball machines :D. I dont want to embarrass you but in the introduction you spelt 'photos' as 'fotos'. sorry :/