Heya, here is my new ball machine, Dysphoria!

It features interlocked ring lifts, jumps and weird looping things!

Thanks to everybody who sees some of their work in it.

Construction time was from 31st August 2014 until 29th April 2015.

For more images head over here!

I sure hope you'll enjoy.

If you'r getting bored, then try searching for the ponies :)

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I'm a finalist! Thank you everybody!

Keep in mind that awesome stuff doesn't make itself, so buy me a beer!

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<p>how do I vote?(for you??????????????????????????????????/?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????&gt;????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)</p>
<p>The contest is long over, lol ^.^</p><p>Thanks that you like it, though :)</p>
<p>Funny the ponies are all over the machine but I didn't notice any my first time watching</p>
<p>Heehee, yes, they are ALL OVER it ^.^ I don't even remember where all they are, lol.</p>
<p>This has got to be my favorite BM ever. amazing job!</p><p>PS I do Rubik's cubes too!</p>
<p>Thanks a lot! :D</p>
<p>When is the next contest?</p>
<p>Knex contest? Probably in summer.</p>
<p>I can't believe I didn't say this: </p><p><strong>CONGRATS ON WINNING!!! </strong></p><p><strong><br></strong></p><p><strong>:D</strong></p>
<p>Thank you!!</p>
<p>you're welcome!!</p>
<p>WooaaaW ! Congratulations ! You are a finalist ;)</p>
This feels like you gave 'awesome' a solid form...
<p>Wha, thanks!</p>
<p>congrats on being a finalist in the contest!</p>
<p>Congrats on being selected as a finalist!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Really cool! This reminded me of an incredibly large version of the Mouse Trap game.</p>
<p>Haha, glad you like it!</p>
Great ball machine! I'ts awesome that you made an improvised video and another with all the pahts separately.
<p>Thank you! I hoped you guys would like it, that I made two vids :)</p>
<p>awesome. I like the modified jigsaw lift. Am I correct that it lifts the balls up twice as fast? Very nice.</p>
<p>Yep, and thanks!</p><p>I will be making instructions for that lift :)</p>
<p>cool! Will a video come that shows all the paths? How many does it have, by the way?</p>
<p>Yes, that is that &quot;more footage coming soon&quot;, and it has 11 paths</p>
<p>cool! I'm excited!</p>
<p>pro tip: the vid will be public on my website before it'll be public on other places :P</p>
<p>ok, cool!</p>
<p>the vid is up now!</p>
<p>I checked it out. Amazing!!</p>
<p>thanks :D</p>
Forgot to ask but did you change where you're building now?.
<p>Yes, we moved to a new house, shortly after I finished Apocalypse, hehe</p>
I hope you're being sarcastic about the ponies...
<p>Nope, there's ponies hidden throughout the entire machine! :D</p>
<p>Found 11</p>
<p>And i hid more than 20, no idea how many exactly :P</p>
How small are they? Like this: 0 or like this: .
<p>like a connector</p>
or like this: (00)
<p>AWESOME DUDE! When I first saw that ball machine is was like &quot;HOLY S**T!&quot;</p><p>Nice one!</p><p>-OfficialKNEXGUY</p>
<p>Haha, thanks!</p>
Awesome job!
<p>Thanks very much!</p>
<p>Wow, amazing :O I really like it. I really genuinely hope you win, since this is incredible. :D</p>

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