Knex Ball Machine Dystopia





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Dystopia

About: You can find me over on Knexflux!
Here it finally is: My ball machine Dystopia!
Below are some pics of it. To view the full gallery and to see more info please visit my website!
Sorry about the low quality vid, I'll upload a HQ one as soon as I find out how to render HD videos with kdenlive...




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    118 Discussions

    looks cool! I'm building one at the moment, but I ran out of pieces :P

    1 reply

    Thank you!

    You should totally share over on knexflux the progress of your machine!

    Is there any instruction for the set? Thank you!

    1 reply

    Haha, no, i built it years ago, it is way too dense to make instructions from it! You can invent one of your own, too :)

    No, sorry, it is too big / too complex / uses too many pieces to make instructions.

    And besides, I already took it down nearly 2 years ago :P

    Haha, I have bought 400 green rods, I always have not enough green rods. Because I like white floors. XD

    How can those balls always move so strange in the end and land at the right place

    1 reply

    The floor is bent so that the deepest part is the entrance of the lift (late reply, lol)