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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine ECLIPSE

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my Instructable page where i show you my latest creation. For the last 19 months I've been building my biggest Knex Ball Machine to this date. It contains 16 separators, 8 lifts, 17 paths, 12 motors and 41 new elements ready to be posted on instructables so you can build them as well.

For this ball machine i decited to build a very basic floor with no tunnels, no moving parts or whats so ever. But for the lifts i decited to think out of the box and thats how i found several cool lifts like the Double Ring Lift. This lift has 2 large rings that turns and goes up and down at the same time which makes it really cool to look at. There's also a lift that works as a robot thanks to what is called "Cyber Knex". For everybody that doesn't know what Cyber Knex is, Cyber Knex allows you to make knex constructions move like a robot by programing the motors to do the movements you want them to make. But the problem was that i didn't have the material to program anything, so i made a transmission that controlled the buttons of the motors, which makes it a perfect running robot without any programs.

The main separator is a remake of my previous seperator which i used in my previous knex ball machine (The Exception) but with a much cleaner and more compact design.

But the biggest part of this ball machine are the elements. On this machine you will find a lot of cool elements like a giant buzz saw element, weird loopings and a lot more!

If your intrested you can always watch the video that you can find above, I'm sure you'll like it :).

Thanks for your time,

Thibault Art.



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Wow, great job, can't wait until the next one!

Beautiful ball machine! All the new elements are awesome and just has a beautiful flow to it. Well done!

You're welcome! :)

Absolutely amazing!! I've been waiting for this to come out and I thought you'd given up on it! Obviously not!

Good job!