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Hey everyone,

These instructions shows you how to build a falling track element that can be used as a bridge. This element is very usefull when you need a ball to cross over something without loosing too much height. Just make sure you have all the wheels and tyres that are needed to make this element (see step 2). It's pretty big and works 99% of the time. If you want to see this element in action you can always watch the video.

If there are any poblems/ questions feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Thanks for watching/ building,

Thibault art.

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Haze013 made it! (author)2017-02-27

I made this very cool element, and i will integrate it into my ball machine! keep up the great instructions!

The Knex Inventor (author)2016-08-07

Awesome element! Favorited. :-)

Thank you a lot for all your favorites!!! It means a lot :D!

You are welcome! Thank you for posting all of these great elements!

LittleBilly (author)2016-08-03

Ok. It finally let me watch it. When are you going to post instructions for the heads? Those were really cool

Thibault Art (author)LittleBilly2016-08-04

Thanks. I'll try to post all the elements (including the heads) by friday.

LittleBilly (author)2016-08-02

It won't let me watch the video

Thibault Art (author)LittleBilly2016-08-03

I just looked to see if there was any problem, but it looks to work fine. Maybe if you go to my YouTube channel you will be able to watch the video :).

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