This is an element for ball machines, it's pretty easy to make. Just keep in mind that I use mainly classic knex.

Step 1: Parts List

White - 32

Gray 2 slot - 8
Green - 16
White - 2

Step 2: Let's Build!

how do I create an exit track for this lift?
<p>Put a standard track piece just below the second-to-bottom arm, so that it almost is at a diagonal. The ball should fall directly onto the track, and then wherever you want.</p>
I have a question. Why do u always post &quot;cool!&quot; on any instructable?
Just being positive :D
Then y don't u say awesome or good or fab or amazing or sumthing?
I do, I use cool, nice, great, awesome, ...
None uf those include d 1s i listid
xept awesome
Yes but does it actually matter? If you want I can stop commenting on your instructables...
For get it.....
lol, it varies
By the way, all knex Christmas fans, you can press this, spin it at d same time and voila! a snowflake!

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