Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine Element: the Bounce Fall, INSTRUCTIONS!!!

Hi, and KneXFAN200 is bacck and has a ball machine element for you to make. Please tell me if you like it! Like, comment, and subscribe. In the comments below, please give me some more ideas.

Step 1: Piece Count...

You can't start without a piece count!!! Also, this should be correct; but if not, then please tell me!!! So, here it is:


Blue 3d, 32

Purple/Grey 3d, 12

Yellow 5 slot, 2

Red 3 slot, 9

White 8 slot, 4

Orange 2 slot ladder, 5

Green 4 slot, 2

Grey/purple 1 slot, 1


Grey, 18

Red, 20

Yellow, 10 (4 of those are optional for the stand. It's probably not needed if being put on a ball machine, but would be good to put on just to test)

Blue, 10

White, 8

Green, 2


Sliver spacer, 12

Blue spacer, 8

Now that you have your pieces, LETS GET BUILDING!!!

Step 2: Ball Paths...

This is for the part that the ball goes on. Please, just follow the pictures!!!!

Step 3: Tower...

Here is the part for the tower. Follow the pictures.

Step 4: Support...

This part is for the support. Follow the pics.

Step 5: Putting It All Together...

Follow the pics.

Step 6: Make Sure the Yellow Rods Stay Outside the Grey Rods.

Step 7: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! YOU'RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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KneXFAN200 made it! (author)2016-11-28

Please tell me if anything is wrong or needs to be added. Also, please comment, like, and subscribe!!!

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