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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine: Elysium

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Hello everyone!

I am proud to present you my big ball machine Elysium. It is the biggest and most complex machine I have made so far. There are some unique features like a moving floor, 8 new lifts, and multiple new elements.

The lowest floor is not like any other white knex ball machine floor, as it is motorized. The floor makes random movements, so you never know where the balls will end. The surface itself is also different than white connector floors: this one is a combination of white a red connectors. This pattern was much more flexible, necessary to make it move.

If you want more than a moving floor, take this: All lifts in this machine are new. 9 lifts in total, 8 new lifts, because one lift has been used twice. Some of them are small and simple, others are bigger and more complex. The last lift also serves as a path separator.

Besides the new lifts, there are also multiple new elements. You can find one new path separator as well.

Because this machine's networks are not very clear and interconnected, the video is split up in so called 'parts'. There are 4 parts in total. This machine has 18 paths and 7 connections. Connections are smaller paths (that are not really long enough to be called paths) that connect one part to another. Here's an overview:

Part 1: 2 lifts, 4 paths

Part 2: 3 lifts, 3 paths, 2 connections

Part 3: 3 lifts, 5 paths, 3 connections

Part 4: 1 lift, 6 paths, 2 connections

Some more information:

Build time: 26 July 2014 - 15 May 2015

Height: 2,75m (= 9 feet)

Width: 2,10m (= 6.9 feet)

Depth: 1,45m (= 4.8 feet)

Number of pieces: coming soon.

Instrucions for the elements.

Instructions for the first new lift.

Instructions for the second new lift.

Instructions for the third new lift.

Instructions for new lifts and separator coming soon as well.

Music: Mirai Sekai (Continuous Mix) by Varien & 7 Minutes Dead

Elysium won the second prize in the knex contest! Thanks to everyone who voted, it is much appreciated!

Thanks for your time, thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoyed!




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    Are you posting instructions for the shifting floor? Nice ball machine!

    Awesome ball machine! I really liked the moving floor. Will you be posting instructions for all the lifts, or just some of them?

    I still have the rest of the lifts and I won't take them down before posting instructions, I just don't know when :p Thanks!

    Hallo Sandro,
    Ik ben jou balmachine Elysium aan het nabouwen. Ik heb al verschillende elementen gebouwd en ben nu bezig met het platform. Kun je mij vertellen hoe je het platform laat bewegen? Ik kan het op de video niet goed zien hoe het verbonden is met de motor.

    Op ware grootte of een kleinere versie? Ik ben benieuwd :)

    Eigenlijk zijn het gewoon verschillende stangen die de vloer naar omhoog duwen, naar benden gebeurt door de zwaartekracht. Ik heb de vloer nog altijd staan en hoop er ooit nog instructies voor te maken.

    Veel succes!

    Damn... I wish i could have that much spare time... I mean Knex! yeah... :(