Yep, a new ball machine is coming soon! Today I started construction and...got lots more done than I expected to. I have spent about 5 hours hurting my hands and sitting on my knees doing this!

It will have 2 networks and either 4, 8 or 12 paths (Depends on space, time and amount of pieces I have). I have half-constructed the main path and finished one network. So far there's 2 new elements, a new path and a new lift all by me!

Sadly I can only work on it at weekends. Also, I'm already nearly out of k'nex (No red rods left :/ ) so construction will be a bit slow, however I am determined to finish this no matter how long it takes!

Note: I am really sorry for the bad pictures, the light in my room is terrible.

Step 1: Edit(s):

Well, after lots of thinking I have decided to make it one network. I simply do not have the pieces to do two. One is hard enough! I hope you amazing people understand :-)

I may delete this Instructable after I create exodus, I'm not sure. Tell me if you want it to stay or not! Anyway here's another spoiler :) I'll try to get it done before Christmas.

<p>Awesome update!</p>
ty ;) btw I redid my profile. I like your new profile picture btw
<p>Oh thanks man!</p>
<p>awesome dude I love it so much!!</p>
Ty splinter :D
<p>No problem</p>
<p>wow this is great (=</p>
Thanks Lexi :)
<p>oh my god the first man he call me by my instructable name Thanks xD</p>
Lol, what does everyone else call u? Alexis Lepage?
<p>nope they are just saying &quot;thanks&quot; its a bit anoying or repetitive (i don t know if repetitive is in the english language)</p><p>xD</p>
Yeh it is lol but that's because we/they have nothing else to say xD
<p>Nice machine so far! Can't wait to see it!</p>
ty :D
<p>You're welcome!</p>
looks great man!
Ty :D
<p>Looks good so far!</p>
thanks :)
Looks sweet! Can't wait to see it finished
Ty :D It looks much smaller in the picture than it actually is. it will be months (maybe even a year) until its done as I need tons of pieces and time.

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