Knex Ball Machine Improved Hof: Even Smaller Than Before!




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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Improved Hof: Even Smaller Than Before!

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This is one of the smallest knex ball machines on instructables. I just took Leigo Andre's hof ball machine and took out some unnecessary pieces. The ball machine is not smaller than hof, but it uses less pieces. Sorry I don't have a video, but it works the same as hof. The only knex ball machine on instructables that uses less pieces is hof jr.

Step 1: Parts Count


Dark Grey - 1

Light Grey - 6

Orange - 8

Green - 4

Purple 3D - 16

Yellow - 6

Blue 3D - 2

White - 3


Green - 4

White - 6

Blue - 29

Yellow - 5

Red - 4


Regular Chain Links - 13

Blue Spacers - 8

Silver Spacers - 10

Ball Halves* - 2

End Cap - 1

Red Gear - 4

Y Clip - 2

Tan Clip - 2

Green Motor - 1

*Knex balls should work with this machine, but I used a golf ball because I don't have a knex ball.

Step 2: The Body

Pics 1 and 2: Make these sides.

Pic 3: Connect them with blue rods on the back.

Pic 4: What you should have.

Step 3: The Track

Pic 1: Make this little piece.

Pic 2: Snap it on the bottom like this.

Pic 3: Add a red rod with two silver spacers here.

Pic 4: Make these track pieces.

Pics 5 and 6: Snap the track pieces on the red rod.

Pic 7: What you should have.

Pic 8: Don't forget this stand.

Step 4: The Motor

Pic 1: Add the motor and a red rod with two blue and a silver spacer on it.

Pic 2: Put two red gears onto the red rod and hold them on with tan clips.

Pic 3: Slide two red gears on a blue rod with two blue spacers on both sides.

Pic 4: Snap the rod with red gears on the top of the body.

Pic 5: Put an end cap here.

Step 5: The Chain

Pic 1: Make these.

Pic 2: Connect the chain in two pieces.

Pic 3: Snap the grabbers on the chain like this.

Pic 4: Connect the two pieces of chain together.

Pic 5: Snap the chain on the red gears. I will be hard to put on, but it is not impossible.

Pic 6: Add these two chain links in front of the grabbers.

Step 6: Your Done!!

Now you have made one of the smallest ball machines ever!



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    I remember when I built (not created) the original ball machine Hof. So small, I thought it was bigger. But the ball just went in a circle over and over and over again... etc etc etc.

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    Yep. That is what it does. it is a little boring, but it is REALLY small.