Picture of K'nex Ball Machine Krypton
Knex Ball Machine Krypton.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 2.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 3.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 4.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 15.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 17.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 126.JPG
     Hello, fellow instructables members! I finally took the time to post my latest ball machine (which I built in September...yeah, quite the delay). At any rate, it has eight paths, a new lift type, and several new elements, either modified or built from scratch! The name came from the 36th element on the Periodic Table of the Elements. (I'm sure you knew that. Also, the ball machine has eight paths, since Krypton the element has eight valence electrons. If you want to know what those are, take chemistry!) This is my most ambitious project so far. So without further ado...Krypton!
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Step 1: Freefall Wheel Lift

Picture of Freefall Wheel Lift
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 19.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 21.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 23.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 24.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 26.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 27.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 28.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 29.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 30.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 31.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 32.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 33.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 34.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 35.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 36.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 37.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 38.JPG
     Ok, so this is the new lift I designed. It was reworked from my old lift on Subduction. This lift is a wheel lift with a twist; when the wheel has lifted the ball halfway to the top, the ball rolls back down the ball arm! The arm then pushes the ball back up a slope to the top (see the video if you don't understand). The extra movement adds interest to the typical wheel lift!

Note: This particular lift design was extremely finicky. I strongly suggest someone improve this idea...please! (I am still a little frustrated that I could not make it work any better. Oh well.)

Step 2: Separators

Picture of Separators
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 42.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 43.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 46.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 47.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 84.JPG
Just the path separators I used...Knextreme's Horizontal Path Separator and Sorunome's Infinity Switch.

Step 3: Path 1

Picture of Path 1
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 69.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 70.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 71.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 72.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 73.JPG
Path 1 is comprised of Knextreme's Ferris Wheel, and blocked at the top by my new "Mountain Mover" element. At the bottom, it opens out onto a "white floor" (per Sorunome's instructable).

Step 4: Path 2

Picture of Path 2
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 74.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 75.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 76.JPG
Knex Ball Machine Krypton 77.JPG
Path 2, also blocked at the top by the "Mountain Mover", contains a ball stop and my own version of the wheel hill. It also deposits the ball onto the white floor. (Note: all paths do that)
great Ball machine

Why thank you! :-)
Sorunome1 year ago
dang it, the vid is blocked in germany :/
You wanne email it me?
mail [at] sorunome [dot] de
That would be cool, thanks :D
I will this afternoon...I've gotta mow the lawn before it gets hot today! ;-)
yay, thanks, also your other bm, please! :D
Ok, the files were too big to send regularly by email, but I tried another method. Check your inbox! :-) We'll see if this works; if not, I unfortunately don't know a way to help.
yay, it worked, thanks a lot!
The ball machine is pretty cool!
And, it uses regular knex balls AND golf balls or what?
Thanks a lot, I'm so glad you finally were able to see them as well! :-) I'm not sure what the problem with ball machines is; every once in a while one will get blocked in a random country. My only speculation so far is that from looking at Obligation (which is blocked here in the US), perhaps it's some issue with music copyrights?
Anyway, in theory Krypton works with both types of balls...however, if you let the balls randomly choose paths, you might have some problems here or there. It was sorta an afterthought to put both types, and if I had revised a bit it probably would have helped, but I was ready to post and out of pieces, so... ;-)
Yeah, the problem is music copywrites: in germany is this organization called GEMA to which youtube would have to pay money so that all those vids are available in germany but the prices are so high that youtube doesn't do it.
It sucks :(
J-Five2 years ago
Cool, I bet it took a lot of pieces.
Made it! Didn't work as well as I thought it would though. I just wanted to build it:)
MechanicalCreationMaster (author) 2 years ago
Thanks for all the support....that's 1100 views in ten days! Very encouraging... :-)
I am not even joking but I had this ball machine in a dream the night before. Must really like it! that's a compliment! ;-D
By the way, I love your pinball machine! Good job!!! :D
KneXtreme2 years ago
Awesome job! I love that loop.
This is really cool! Awesome ball machine man!
Glad you like it! :-D
Also, thanks for posting so many different pictures and angles of this masterpiece, I want this in my room:)
Shadowman392 years ago
Cool ball machine, my favorite part is the loop. :-P
Sorunome2 years ago
Nice ball machines!
You should motorize your lift :P
And also thanks for using the infinity switch! :D
I would use a motor if I had one...I need to get some more Knex sometime. ;-}
Nice ball machine! You made a vid for this one, much better :D

First, I really like the wheel lift with the freefall. I already made something similar (Spinning Free Fall Lift) If you agree, I would like to make an improved and motorized version to use in my next ball machine, offcourse I'll give you credit. Next, the green flexi path looping looks cool. What I like most on this machine is the third path, where the ball lifts the arm so the balls on path 1 & 2 can continue to fall down. Finally, thanks for using a modified version of the small ball arms!

You really become better and better every time you build a ball machine :)
Thanks! And by all means, you may certainly make an improved version of my lift!
Also, thanks for your compliments on the elements...I'm glad someone else considers my first elements a success.
Ok, I hope I can make something good looking and working with the same concept :)
I hope so too! :-D
Looks great! I love how the loop looks
Thanks! I like the loop, too. :D
No probs =D
sscsnake2 years ago
Great job! Are you a member of ? It's a great site that is all about knex. I highly recomend you join as the members of this site are very helpful and suportive of your builds. They will give you building tips to help your models be even better. Heck, I love this site so much that I named my instructables avitar after it!
No I'm not, but I'll have to check it out sometime!
Congrats for being featured! :)
very cool