Step 3: Building The Support Towers

The support towers will... uh... support the track. First you will build the left one. Then the right. And finally the middle.
We made it! Thank you for your instruction!
<p>Hi! I'm excited and getting through building this. I would like a closer look at the lifting arm please, I don't know what's off the screen to the left of this picture. Or did I miss it?</p>
<p>Huh? That's odd. I guess I forgot about that. Do any of these help?</p>
lol i see the knex stool in the back :P
You sure do ;-)
My only gripe with this is I already took that name once: http://www.instructables.com/id/Lithium-A-mini-ball-machine/ <br> <br>Otherwise, great ball machine.
nice music thanks for the message! <br>and very creative!
my hill doesnt connect. any suggjustions?
Is it to short? Maybe could you give me a bit more of info on what is happening or post a picture?
oops, I didnt have any gold connecters or tubing:(
I like in the video how the car drop flips the car over =]
i dont have any of the golden connectors but would it still work if if just used yellow connectors <br />
Honestly, I don't know. I've never tried it.
are those tan coaster pieces bendable?
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you make instructions!!!!<br><br>THAT IS SO AWSOME THNX
No problem.
Smart invention!!!! (joke) 5 starts
What could i do if i don't have enough orange connector during the track part?
Make something like this for the straight parts.
Congrats on being runner up on the toy challange! :)
Thank you {:)
Congrats on being in finalists in Toy Challenge! :)
Thank you :)
Great machine! Though I'd never be able to build this (way to less pieces)<br>Still, 5*!
Thanks for the five stars.
no problem
This is insane!!! (In a good way :)
Thank you. I like your pinball machine.
WOW!! This is amazing! 5* I'm gonna build this as soon as i get some more of those orange roller coaster connectors. Great!
Thank you and have fun building :)
I'm going to make your ball track I hope to make ready as him complete with pictures
Cool! Can't wait to see it.
This is so cool! I have been waiting for something like this, probable y the biggest instructable for ball machines! Great job!
Thank you.
Nice pictures, video and write up! Featured!
Thank you.
Thats awesome!
nice one!<br>I love the car system to start the machine
Cool one!

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