Step 3: Building the Support Towers

The support towers will... uh... support the track. First you will build the left one. Then the right. And finally the middle.
<p>Imade it! It was awsome.</p>
<p>I don't have enough pieces to make this, but I think that this is the best knex ball machine on instructables with instructions. Congrats on winning in the toy contest!</p>
We made it! Thank you for your instruction!
<p>Hi! I'm excited and getting through building this. I would like a closer look at the lifting arm please, I don't know what's off the screen to the left of this picture. Or did I miss it?</p>
<p>Huh? That's odd. I guess I forgot about that. Do any of these help?</p>
lol i see the knex stool in the back :P
You sure do ;-)
My only gripe with this is I already took that name once: https://www.instructables.com/id/Lithium-A-mini-ball-machine/ <br> <br>Otherwise, great ball machine.
nice music thanks for the message! <br>and very creative!
my hill doesnt connect. any suggjustions?
Is it to short? Maybe could you give me a bit more of info on what is happening or post a picture?
oops, I didnt have any gold connecters or tubing:(
I like in the video how the car drop flips the car over =]
i dont have any of the golden connectors but would it still work if if just used yellow connectors <br />
Honestly, I don't know. I've never tried it.
are those tan coaster pieces bendable?
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you make instructions!!!!<br><br>THAT IS SO AWSOME THNX
No problem.
Smart invention!!!! (joke) 5 starts
What could i do if i don't have enough orange connector during the track part?
Make something like this for the straight parts.
Congrats on being runner up on the toy challange! :)
Thank you {:)
Congrats on being in finalists in Toy Challenge! :)
Thank you :)
Great machine! Though I'd never be able to build this (way to less pieces)<br>Still, 5*!
Thanks for the five stars.
no problem
This is insane!!! (In a good way :)
Thank you. I like your pinball machine.
WOW!! This is amazing! 5* I'm gonna build this as soon as i get some more of those orange roller coaster connectors. Great!
Thank you and have fun building :)
I'm going to make your ball track I hope to make ready as him complete with pictures
Cool! Can't wait to see it.
This is so cool! I have been waiting for something like this, probable y the biggest instructable for ball machines! Great job!
Thank you.
Nice pictures, video and write up! Featured!
Thank you.
Thats awesome!
nice one!<br>I love the car system to start the machine
Cool one!

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