I'm proud to present to you, my first Knex ball machine, Nebula!

This project has "been in the works" for more than a year, but realistically only 2-3 months of that was actual construction. In the end, I decided not to finish paths 5 & 6, for a couple reasons. Since the path separator was on the far left side of the machine, there was not a lot of room to continue the two remaining paths. I also didn't the motivation to finish the paths, so I decided to leave them unfinished.

The piece count came to 10,817 pieces, but if you'd like more specific data I've made this spreadsheet accessible to anyone who has the link: Nebula Piece Count.

I don't plan on making instructions for any of the new elements found in the machine, mostly because I've already disassembled the entire machine. Hopefully the pictures provide a decent idea of how they work, but feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

I uploaded the video in glorious 1080p for all of you to enjoy, the song used in the video is "The Mystery Spot" by Bassnectar and G. Jones.

woah what a cool ball machine :D
<p>Looks very good! I really like the element at 1:58.</p>
<p>Thanks, that's my favorite one :P</p>
<p>By the way, GREAT JOB! I watched the vid and i like the 3 tube loops. When i first saw it i was like: O_O</p><p>Overall Rating: 10.5/10 </p><p>-OfficialKNEXGUY </p><p>(P.S. Follow me!)</p>
<p>Haha thanks man!</p>
<p>MEME ALERT!</p><p>KnexTech, Y U SHOW INCOMPLETE BALL MACHINE?!</p><p>-OfficialKNEXGUY</p>
<p>Nice ball machine, good job on some elements. Thanks for using my lift, I hope it worked smoothly.</p>
<p>There were a couple kinks I had to work out, but it went pretty smoothly. Thanks!</p>
<p>Quite an awesome ball machine, especially considering it is your first one!</p>
<p>Thanks a lot!</p>
Great job on a first ball machine!
<p>Thanks! Hopefully it's not too long before I can make my next!</p>

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Bio: I make knex ball machines sometimes. I also enjoy video games, programming (iOS), music.
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