Knex Ball Machine Oxygen





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Oxygen

Hi there.
     This is one of the projects i've been working on for the last few months.
I endeavored to build this ball machine smaller using all classic knex parts and with as many new elements as possible.
     Here are the specifics:
Lifts - This ball machine contains 3 lifts; a vertical chainsaw lift, a wheel lift with holes, and a spiral wheel lift.

Tracks and Networks - It has a total of 7 tracks and 3 networks.

Elements - The ball machine also contains several new elements including some elements by Yardking42 and Thibault Art.
     The new elements will be posted on my guide as soon as possible. I will also be posting instructions of the spiral wheel lift. Let me know if you want me to post the other ones as well.

Enjoy the video! The song is "Romani Holiday (Antonius Remix) by Hans Zimmer".



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    I am sooooooo glad I subbed you!!!!!
    REALLY COOL (by the way I use iMovie too!!

    Cool! That makes 3 of us. (I just noticed how stupid that comment looks)

    cool! but how do you increase and decrease the length of the gold tubing that the gold connectors support? I also would like to know how to attach and detach separate tubings too! thanks

    You increase or decrease the length of the tubing by attaching or detaching sections of tubing with track splicers.

    You don't need splicers. I just used micro knex and they worked fine.

    Thanks, but I just recently got the 63030 roller coaster set, I won't know where a splice would be in there. I got it used off eBay.

    Never mind, I kinda get it now after reading the provided manual. I found the splicers. I believe using Scotch tape would work while using the splicers to help attach them perfectly.

    I wish the pictures were a little clearer and brighter but oh well I guess. Awesome machine!