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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine: Paradox, Elements

Hi everyone!

Here are the 13 new elements from my knex ball machine Paradox.
I tried to make the instructions as easy as possible to follow, and I hope I succeeded.
If you need more help or tips for your own ball machine, you can always comment or PM me.
Thanks for watching this guide and good luck with building!


Step 1: Simple Green Path

A simple element for warming up ;D

Step 2: Multi-clickers

Small wheels and vertical clickers in one. You can make it as high as you want.

Step 3: Easy Flipper

An easy flipper design,  like the title says.

Step 4: Wheel Path

This is a nice element to use some of your small wheels.

Step 5: Leapfrog

A pretty big element. The first ball enters and waits for the second ball, then they both fall down.

Step 6: Confusing Ferris Wheel

Instead of a regular ferris wheel, this is a cool extra you can add. The orange spokes can be changed in every pattern you want, this is just a basic pattern to show the effect of the gears.

Step 7: Catch 'n Spin

An easy but handy element.

Step 8: Geared Double Ball Drop

A cool looking element, perfect to add in your ball machine. For this version the big green gear is needed, but if you dont have one you can modify it.

Step 9: Flat Cross-Tie Spiral

This element works best with rollercoaster track, but you can also use orange tubes.

Step 10: Bended Trampoline

A restyled rubber band trampoline with good looks.

Step 11: Simple Flipper

Simple flipper, like the title says.

Step 12: Spiral Clickers

You can make the spiral as long as you want. This one is for a standard red rod.

Step 13: Double Arm Drop

This element is originally invented by knexpert#10829476 and was first used in his ball machine ionization at 1:40 in the vid.
Here is my own version of that element.



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