Picture of Knex Ball Machine Paths Official Guide
Welcome to my guide of various paths that can be seen on a k'nex ball machine. You may have noticed that paths (at times) are considered to be called "elements." Well, I made this guide because my "elements" guide was becoming a little too oversized for more elements to be added. I then realized that it would be easier to make a separate guide based on just the regular paths that carry out the process of transporting balls to elements, lifts, etc. throughout a ball machine.

This guide will use paths I make and other paths (I didn't conceive) that aren't that piece-consuming, acting as an Add-On to my Knex Ball Machine Elements Guide.

Step 1: The Path

Picture of The Path
This is one of the simple paths that's perfect for any ball machine.
hunter9991 year ago
Spelling error: Step 18 last word.

you wrote "rods" instead of "connectors".
hunter9992 years ago
Cool, I'll be sure to include some of these in future ball machines! =D
Thanks for this post, it 's going to help me a lot
Very usefull, espacially for beginners.
Sorunome2 years ago
It misses the rolling on one single rod :P
It is far easier to make than it looks like, so I am pretty surprised that I'm the first one to have built it into a ball machine ^^
collinjo12 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
Well, I believe I have tried it before, it falls off right away.
Not if you do it correctly
1st: don't force the rod it's rolling on into one direction, so only attach the side where the ball enters, the other one just lays on other rods
2nd: align the ball perfectly in the center on it
3rd: don't make it too fast