Here is my latest ball machine, TurnPike. It has one track measuring over 32 feet, and features lots of winding, looping, banked-turn goodness that takes a single ball over 20 seconds to navigate (plus the lift). You will notice that it is very similar to my previous ball machine, "Loopy". However, apart from being much larger, TurnPike also has extra supports added, a new way of banking the turns and a slightly different lift, that allows the roller-coaster tubing to go up the lift and join the tubing at the top, making a continuous loop.



Step 1: Preliminary Notes...

Before we start, there are a few things I need to warn you of that will be coming up in the forthcoming steps.

#1, I label my photo numbers, and give specific instructions for each photo. It is very important. Also, if I label multiple photos, say example photos 12-15, it means that photos 12 through 15 are all following the same command, so if I say "Photo #2-4: Build part A" It means that photos 2, 3, and 4 are all different photos of one piece you should build, so don't build the same piece thrice.

#2, This instructable is divvied up into smaller parts that connect onto larger parts. Now, this ball machine is built on a Blue rod X Blue rod frame, and there are cross supports made up of an orange connector with two white rods on each end, being skewered in the middle by a yellow rod. This forms an X shaped support, as seen in photo #2 of this step. This will come up everywhere in this instructable. Now, if part A has just a yellow rod at one end, and it connects to part B, which has an orange-and-white assembey, there is a good chance that when they are connected that the yellow rod will go through the hole in the orange connector. See for example, photos 3-5.

Photo 3: Not that this piece has an orange connector with white rods sticking off the end there. First you will build this piece (not now, it comes up in step 12...)
Photo 4: Next you will build this part, which has a yellow rod sticking out.
Photo 5: Now the pieces from photos 2 and 3 are connected, and the orange connector with the white rods has a yellow rod going through it.

This kind connection also happens all over the place in this instructable, so be wary.

#3 Sort of an add-on to my last point... Concerning the yellow rod/orange-connector-and-white-rod cross supports... They are everywhere, and very often, not all of the four points will end up connecting to a connector. See for example photo #6. One end of that yellow rod isn't connected to anything, and that will often be the case, though it might be the orange connector/white rods that aren't connected.

#4 Lastly (and least important...), you may not be able to see them all, but on every tracking piece, there are four dark grey connectors. See Photo #7. Also, the dark grey connectors also point in the direction that the ball will roll over said tracking piece.

I think that's just about it! If you're all ready lets dive into this project!

<p>My 7 year-old son and I had a blast building this. We bought a ton of new pieces so we could finish it! Loved the lift design - very stable. </p>
<p>I need to buy more I only have 5,000 and something pieces!!!!</p>
<p>I just ran out of all my blue rods and orange connectors on step 20, It's looking great so far and i'm gonna buy 2 ripping rocket coasters so i can finish this</p>
Enhhhh it's comin' along.
NICE!! Great work! Keep me updated!<br>
Hello again, after much procrastination and running out of pieces I finally finished!
<p>How many rippin rockets did it take you to get enough red tubing?</p>
<p>I don't exactly remember, but I guarantee it was more than a few.</p>
There's a blue connector lying on the floor! xD
and a green rod too... what would happen if a vacuum cleaner were used around this machine... this is K'nex neglect and abuse.... shame.. shame shame... nice job on the build though..
Hint: never use vacuum cleanrs near knex ;)
Thats BRILLIANT! I'm so happy you finished! Are you happy with the finished product?<br><br>It looks sweet with red tubing too, btw :-D <br><br>Thanks again - I'll add your photo to the last step.
The legs. :P
LEGS! Gotta love em :-D<br>
This isn't the first of your projects I've built. c:
Wohoo! Thats awesome!<br><br>Whereabouts are you that you would get such nice snow?
Lol, that pic is actually from last year. And is part of a small video clip. I'm in montana on the rocky boy rez. :P
Thats sweet!
Just finished my first instructable... <br>How to get iTunes songs from other people's accounts!
Do You Happen To Know What Sets It Would Take To Build This? <br>I Have Two Big Ball Factory Sets, Do You Think This Could Do It? Or How About Two Original Style Coasters, I Can Use The Same Sets But I Don't Want To Mix Different Sets. <br>Please Let Me Know What You Think. Thanks! PS This Is SOOOOO Cool!!
i think you need atleast 2 big ball factories, 1 classic rollercoaster set and 2 screaming serpents, perhaps also a few extra dark grey connectors and 2 way orange connectors
Ok! I Have Two Big Ball Factory Sets 5 Original Roller Coasters And Two Screamin Serpents, That I Am Willing To Mix To Make This.
I have 2 screaming serpent sets, 1 hyperspace training center plus a few other sets, and I still had to buy blue rods, purple connectors and gold connectors in bulk from Ebay. Building big is about having the big bucks or parents with big bucks..
this machine used up most of my purple connectors and blue rods... just have to put on the tubing and let 'er rip... This machine is very solid and stable.. and I can't wait to see it run... Awesome ible... thanks for sharing
Well its official... I have just ran out of orange connectors... good thing I have 2 Screaming Serpent coasters.. with lots of brown connectors.... the build goes on and on.. Still loving it <br>
what??? no joke?
Canadian... you make epic K'nex machines and provide the best of ibles... Lets try leaving the humor to those who are more qualified.. lol Loving this build though..
He needed a spare....
Holy crap .and that us why Canadians rock
yer awesome!!!
Sir, YOU are awesome.
By the way, nice owl profile.
I love your project, and I think it's so cool :) and I was wondering if you can look at my creations :D
Thanks! I'll check yours out too.
took a atempt,ran out of pieces at step 11 but I'll try to get more.
Yeah I still have PENTY of peices but just not the blue rods, I hate when that happens.
Nice! Thats great progress. Hope you find some more - let me know if you do!<br>
Did you plan this on paper?
I planned the top three levels on paper, and did the last two with a huge amount of trial and error :-)<br><br>
You have too many pieces, lol
ya me 2! but i cant build it. ;( i dont have the right peaces for it!!! ;(
Perhaps you could try loopy?
whats loopy?
My previous ball machine.

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