Knex Ball Machine Bromine Update




Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Bromine Update

This is a ball machine I've been working on. It has at the moment 6 paths, 4lifts and a couple new elements. I will only show two paths in the video. Enjoy!



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    Glad I could help :) Can't wait to see it.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    R u going to build another

    No problem :) As of now I'm not building any, but check out my guide to see all the ball machines I have made.

    Thanks for the help of how to build a ball machine.About two fourths Done.

    Thank you. As for micro knex, I haven't build much with them so I don't have a lot of suggestions. Try looking at 8chillpill's guides and watching some of his ball machines. You could also check out sathothy's ball machine Armageddon and his guide. Hope this helps.

    Really Great machine.

    Thanks. Did you see the completed version?

    May I ask why you named this ball machine after hot tub chemicals? just curious.

    Actually I didn't know what bromine was. I just thought it sounded cool. Maybe I should look up element before I name stuff after it?

    I don't know what ever sounds good works!