This is my final ball machine for the rest of the year since I have to go back to college. I wanted to end my ball machine spree with something huge and this is what came out, a 6' 10" high tower with five paths and a new element made by me. That element is on path one. This project took a lot of my knex to the point where I ran out of green rids!, I had to start using the black ones. Anyway, I hope you enjoy building this beast. This ball machine has the most pieces out of all of my ible's, 8,600!
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Step 1: Piece Count


grey: 17
yellow: 765
blue: 1416
white: 577
green: 1320


white: 203
blue 3d: 286
purple 3d: 723
yellow: 692
green: 68
red: 495
light-grey: 13


gold track connector: 326
gold track rod(length of red rod): 14
silver spacer: 227
blue spacer: 179
tan-clip: 28
blue-clip: 17
Y-clip: 87
ball-socket  connector: 2
black rod: 5
tan rod: 2
purple flexi rod: 26
orange flexi rod: 14
chain links: 170
track spice: 9
red gear: 15
yellow gear:1
Large yellow gear: 1
blue gear: 5
large tire: 1
medium tire: 2
medium tire no tread: 5
medium tire tread: 2
small tire: 7
large new tire: 3
motor: 1
Balls: 5-10


Step 2: The Base

Picture of The Base
IMG_0695 - A.jpg
IMG_0696 - A.jpg
IMG_0697 - A.jpg
IMG_0698 - A.jpg
IMG_0699 - A.jpg
IMG_0700 - A.jpg
IMG_0701 - A.jpg
IMG_0702 - A.jpg
IMG_0703 - A.jpg
IMG_0704 - A.jpg
IMG_0705 - A.jpg
Where all ball machines start from.

Step 5: Other Supports

Picture of Other Supports
IMG_0793 - A.jpg
IMG_0794 - A.jpg
IMG_0795 - A.jpg
IMG_0796 - A.jpg
IMG_0797 - A.jpg
IMG_0798 - A.jpg
IMG_0799 - A.jpg
IMG_0800 - A.jpg
IMG_0801 - A.jpg
IMG_0802 - A.jpg
IMG_0803 - A.jpg
IMG_0804 - A.jpg
IMG_0805 - A.jpg
IMG_0806 - A.jpg
IMG_0807 - A.jpg
IMG_0808 - A.jpg
IMG_0810 - A.jpg
IMG_0811 - A.jpg
IMG_0812 - A.jpg
IMG_0813 - A.jpg
IMG_0814 - A.jpg
IMG_0815 - A.jpg
IMG_0816 - A.jpg
IMG_0817 - A.jpg
IMG_0818 - A.jpg
IMG_0819 - A.jpg
IMG_0820 - A.jpg
IMG_0821 - A.jpg
IMG_0822 - A.jpg
IMG_0824 - A.jpg
IMG_0825 - A.jpg
IMG_0826 - A.jpg
IMG_0827 - A.jpg
IMG_0828 - A.jpg
IMG_0829 - A.jpg
IMG_0831 - A.jpg
IMG_0832 - A.jpg
IMG_0833 - A.jpg
IMG_0834 - A.jpg
IMG_0835 - A.jpg
IMG_0836 - A.jpg
IMG_0838 - A.jpg
IMG_0839 - A.jpg
IMG_0840 - A.jpg
IMG_0841 - A.jpg
IMG_0842 - A.jpg
IMG_0843 - A.jpg
IMG_0845 - A.jpg
IMG_0846 - A.jpg
They're important aren't they?

Step 7: Path 1

Picture of Path 1
IMG_0863 - A.jpg
IMG_0864 - A.jpg
IMG_0865 - A.jpg
IMG_0866 - A.jpg
IMG_0867 - A.jpg
IMG_0868 - A.jpg
IMG_0870 - A.jpg
IMG_0871 - A.jpg
IMG_0881 - A.jpg
IMG_0884 - A.jpg
IMG_0885 - A.jpg
IMG_0886 - A.jpg
IMG_0887 - A.jpg
IMG_0888 - A.jpg
IMG_0889 - A.jpg
IMG_0890 - A.jpg
IMG_0891 - A.jpg
IMG_0892 - A.jpg
IMG_0893 - A.jpg
IMG_0897 - A.jpg
IMG_0898 - A.jpg
IMG_0899 - A.jpg
IMG_0900 - A.jpg
IMG_0901 - A.jpg
IMG_0902 - A.jpg
IMG_0905 - A.jpg
IMG_0906 - A.jpg
IMG_0907 - A.jpg
IMG_0908 - A.jpg
IMG_0911 - A.jpg
IMG_0912 - A.jpg
IMG_0913 - A.jpg
IMG_0914 - A.jpg
IMG_0915 - A.jpg
IMG_0916 - A.jpg
IMG_0917 - A.jpg
IMG_0918 - A.jpg
IMG_0919 - A.jpg
IMG_0920 - A.jpg
IMG_0921 - A.jpg
IMG_0922 - A.jpg
IMG_0926 - A.jpg
IMG_0927 - A.jpg
IMG_0928 - A.jpg
IMG_0929 - A.jpg
IMG_0932 - A.jpg
IMG_0930 - A.jpg
IMG_0931 - A.jpg
IMG_0933 - A.jpg
IMG_0934 - A.jpg
IMG_0935 - A.jpg
IMG_0937 - A.jpg
IMG_0936 - A.jpg
IMG_0938 - A.jpg
IMG_0939 - A.jpg
IMG_0941 - A.jpg
IMG_0942 - A.jpg
IMG_0943 - A.jpg
IMG_0944 - A.jpg
IMG_0945 - A.jpg
IMG_0946 - A.jpg
IMG_0947 - A.jpg
IMG_0951 - A.jpg
IMG_0952 - A.jpg
IMG_0953 - A.jpg
IMG_0957 - A.jpg
IMG_0962 - A.jpg
IMG_0963 - A.jpg
IMG_0964 - A.jpg
IMG_0965 - A.jpg
IMG_0966 - A.jpg
IMG_0967 - A.jpg
IMG_0968 - A.jpg
This path contains my new hopper car element. This also uses Sandroknexmaster's leap-frog element. This step also has exactly 100 pictures!

Step 8: Path 2

Picture of Path 2
IMG_0970 - A.jpg
IMG_0971 - A.jpg
IMG_0972 - A.jpg
IMG_0973 - A.jpg
IMG_0974 - A.jpg
IMG_0975 - A.jpg
IMG_0976 - A.jpg
IMG_0977 - A.jpg
IMG_0978 - A.jpg
IMG_0979 - A.jpg
IMG_0980 - A.jpg
IMG_0981 - A.jpg
IMG_0982 - A.jpg
IMG_0983 - A.jpg
IMG_0984 - A.jpg
IMG_0985 - A.jpg
IMG_0986 - A.jpg
IMG_0987 - A.jpg
IMG_0988 - A.jpg
IMG_0989 - A.jpg
IMG_0990 - A.jpg
IMG_0991 - A.jpg
IMG_0992 - A.jpg
IMG_0993 - A.jpg
IMG_0994 - A.jpg
IMG_0995 - A.jpg
IMG_0996 - A.jpg
IMG_0997 - A.jpg
IMG_0998 - A.jpg
IMG_0999 - A.jpg
IMG_1000 - A.jpg
IMG_1001 - A.jpg
IMG_1002 - A.jpg
IMG_1003 - A.jpg
IMG_1004 - A.jpg
IMG_1005 - A.jpg
IMG_1006 - A.jpg
IMG_1008 - A.jpg
IMG_1009 - A.jpg
IMG_1010 - A.jpg
IMG_1011 - A.jpg
IMG_1012 - A.jpg
IMG_1013 - A.jpg
IMG_1014 - A.jpg
IMG_1015 - A.jpg
IMG_1016 - A.jpg
IMG_1017 - A.jpg
IMG_1018 - A.jpg
IMG_1019 - A.jpg
IMG_1021 - A.jpg
IMG_1022 - A.jpg
IMG_1023 - A.jpg
IMG_1024 - A.jpg
IMG_1025 - A.jpg
IMG_1026 - A.jpg
IMG_1027 - A.jpg
IMG_1028 - A.jpg
IMG_1029 - A.jpg
IMG_1030 - A.jpg
IMG_1031 - A.jpg
IMG_1032 - A.jpg
IMG_1033 - A.jpg
IMG_1034 - A.jpg
IMG_1035 - A.jpg
IMG_1036 - A.jpg
IMG_1037 - A.jpg
IMG_1038 - A.jpg
I like to call this path " the fast track to success" since it is a roller coaster path.

Step 9: Path 3

Picture of Path 3
IMG_1040 - A.jpg
IMG_1041 - A.jpg
IMG_1042 - A.jpg
IMG_1043 - A.jpg
IMG_1044 - A.jpg
IMG_1045 - A.jpg
IMG_1047 - A.jpg
IMG_1048 - A.jpg
IMG_1049 - A.jpg
IMG_1050 - A.jpg
IMG_1051 - A.jpg
IMG_1052 - A.jpg
IMG_1053 - A.jpg
IMG_1054 - A.jpg
IMG_1055 - A.jpg
IMG_1056 - A.jpg
IMG_1057 - A.jpg
IMG_1058 - A.jpg
IMG_1059 - A.jpg
IMG_1060 - A.jpg
IMG_1061 - A.jpg
IMG_1062 - A.jpg
IMG_1063 - A.jpg
IMG_1064 - A.jpg
IMG_1065 - A.jpg
IMG_1066 - A.jpg
IMG_1067 - A.jpg
IMG_1068 - A.jpg
IMG_1069 - A.jpg
IMG_1070 - A.jpg
IMG_1071 - A.jpg
IMG_1073 - A.jpg
IMG_1074 - A.jpg
IMG_1075 - A.jpg
IMG_1076 - A.jpg
IMG_1077 - A.jpg
IMG_1078 - A.jpg
IMG_1079 - A.jpg
IMG_1080 - A.jpg
IMG_1081 - A.jpg
IMG_1082 - A.jpg
IMG_1083 - A.jpg
IMG_1084 - A.jpg
IMG_1085 - A.jpg
IMG_1087 - A.jpg
IMG_1088 - A.jpg
IMG_1089 - A.jpg
IMG_1090 - A.jpg
IMG_1091 - A.jpg
A very erratic path.

Step 11: Path 5

IMG_1141 - A.jpg
IMG_1142 - A.jpg
IMG_1146 - A.jpg
IMG_1147 - A.jpg
IMG_1148 - A.jpg
IMG_1152 - A.jpg
IMG_1153 - A.jpg
IMG_1154 - A.jpg
IMG_1158 - A.jpg
IMG_1159 - A.jpg
IMG_1160 - A.jpg
IMG_1161 - A.jpg
IMG_1162 - A.jpg
IMG_1163 - A.jpg
IMG_1164 - A.jpg
IMG_1165 - A.jpg
IMG_1166 - A.jpg
IMG_1171 - A.jpg
IMG_1172 - A.jpg
IMG_1173 - A.jpg
IMG_1174 - A.jpg
IMG_1175 - A.jpg
IMG_1176 - A.jpg
This path was hard to design in terms of space. I had to make it hop over a section of path 4 and weave around path three and two.
KnexExtreme903 months ago
*Jaw drops* You made... Instructions?!
www1391 year ago
Very good!
My only comment is that maybe you should record the lift(s) at the beginning of
the video. You could look at my ball machine video.
Just click on my profile and look for "automated a k'nex
ball machine".
Otherwise, very good!
I love the white mat/floor/whateveryoucallit
knexpert#10829476 (author)  www1391 year ago
Oh my god, thank you for reminding me because if I did test the lift out, I would find that I made the chain claws wrong! I never put the part on that pushes the ball off the claw! Thank you so much for pointing this out even though you didn't point it out:D

Your welcome! (late reply... sorry!)

knexpert#10829476 (author)  www1391 year ago
Yes I should, thank you for the feedback:D
your welcome!
knex akbar6 months ago

I ran out of all my yellow rods, blue rods green rods and yellow connectors on the last step... Grrrr

JoshuaCope016 months ago

hi im josh! im 11 and I nearly finished this! I (my dad) orded some knex and it got lost in the mail so I never finished this project! I just want to let you know if you are 11 or over you can with ease start this project! I also had some problems with the new cart element but I fixed it, anyway great intractable and keep up the good work!

Look at the fourteenth picture in step 3

kerri_kemp8 months ago

Hi, I'm having a go at building this but having a few issues with the new cart element. Can't seem to get the weight right to make the cart move either up when empty or down when it has balls in it.

Any suggestions?

poil87 made it!11 months ago

Sorry for taking so long to get the pictures uploaded, I'm not the best at remembering to do stuff. xD

How much K'nex do you actually have? Just wondering
I'm guessing around 20,000. I'm only using my classic knex not my metallic ones.
Why did you post the same reply twice???
I pressed it once, nothing happened so I assumed I didn't hit it so I hit it again.
I'm guessing around 20,000. I'm only using my classic knex not my metallic ones.
Great ball machine! Took me almost a week to build!
This machine is exactly 1 blue rod too tall... I can't build it on my table.... and I was going to say something really truly nice about this machine.. Seriously... I'm on step 7 and everything is looking way cool... can't wait to finish this... I hope my girlfriend doesn't miss her pot lid.
Aww man, I feel bad for you, one blue rod:D
170 Chain Links isn't enough either. Perhaps you should update that. :)
are you sure..... in my build 170 chain links worked perfectly
poil871 year ago
yaaaaa im finally done building the awesome ball machine
knexpert#10829476 (author)  poil871 year ago
Really? Great job! Can you post pictures of the completed project on this ible? I would really like to see it:D
hunter9991 year ago
Thats awesome, a worthy winner in the contest! :D
Good job on your contest win! :-D
Congratulations for being selected as a finalist in the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest!
www1391 year ago
I forgot! Click the link, not the embed. It won't work.
Neato! :-D
By the way, what is the metal circle near the bottom for?
When the ball goes down the chute on path 2, it will hit a lever and hit the pan lid making it "ding". I never use the oven so why not put some use to those pan lids?:)
Nice! I'd have to say that my favorite part of the machine is that wheel cart thing (oh yeah, that's the new element, isn't it?) ;-)
Yes it is:D
Sorunome1 year ago
You build fast!
Also, this is looking awesome :D
Cool machine! Looking forward to the video. :-)
That is huge! I really like it. Voted!
This looks awesome! I voted!