Introduction: Knex Ballistic Knife

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Hello there, this is my knex Ballistic Knife it really looks nice, and shoots far like 20-30 feet. So i hope you guys like this and please leave a comment below 

The Pros:
1: Looks nice
2: Shoots 20-30 feet
3: Not a lot of pieces
4: True triger 

The Cons:
1: Couple broken pieces

Step 1: The Handles

Picture of The Handles

Step 2: The Triger, Blade, and Ram

Picture of The Triger, Blade, and Ram

Step 3: Put It Together

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SN1P3RL0RD (author)2013-02-01

First comment! Looks cool. Did you get this off of Black Ops 2?

TLF93 (author)SN1P3RL0RD2013-02-02

thanks and yeah

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-02-02


TLF93 (author)sandroknexmaster2013-02-02

thank you

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Bio: I love buildin knex weapons and trucks
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