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Introduction: Knex "Bank"

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Hey guys, Well since I've had some time this summer, I've started building some stuff.  This is one of the few things I'll be posting. There aren't any instructions because I didn't really think it would be worth my time. But I have two more things coming this summer that will have instructions.

This is a knex bank or ATM or... well pretty much whatever you want to call it. All it does is pull the money in through the front and in the back there is a door so you can remove the money when you wish. The motor is on a hinge so it can take more then one bill at a time.

That's about it. Tell me what you think.



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    can i see the back

    I've tried so hard to recreate one of these amazing ATMs but alas, I have failed. I give it 5 stars and 10 if it had instructions.

    U need to post this i need the kenx bank cauz people always steal my money cauz i have nowhere to put it

    I sees it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    holy crap! you have GREAT eyes!!

    Can somebody post instructions because this is mad!!! 5*

    hey can u put up a tutorial about it and tell me how to do it

    I modded this to put in to sorunome's safe with the wheel/entry port on the exterior, and the back end/$$$ retrieval on the interior. I will post the instructable upon request on my profile.

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    very nice idea... that probably came out pretty sweet...

    I got rid of the safe :-( But I am posting the ATM itself soon :-)

    The gears ate up my $1,000,000 note. LOL. Looks nice, instructable please so I can take my little brothers' money,

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    lol, thank goodness I didn't put mine in!

    million dollar bill.jpg