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Introduction: Knex Barrett 50 Cal

Hello once again instructables! Today I bring you my recreated Barrett 50 cal. So about a year ago I made a Barrett for my first replica ( BTW don't EVER make this a first replica build, it is a very piece consuming and difficult build) it was horrible and looked nothing like the Barrett. So a year later I bring to you guys my approved version of the Barrett.

The Barrett 50 cal is a massive sniper rifle that shoots a 50 BMG (BMG stands for Browning machine gun and was originally developed for a machine gun during WWI) it is known around the world for its massive penetration. It also has a bad reputation for being slightly inaccurate compared to its competitors, but 500 yards back you can easily hit you target.

Now to the stats

Looks awesome
Sturdy (the barrel is a bit wobbly though)
Since the way the gun is designed, it gets a good pull back with a true trigger design
Folding up bipod which is spring loaded
Removable 12 round mag
50 foot range
Good weight(you feel like you are holding a real gun)
Very piece consuming

So that's it guys please tell me what you think in the comments.



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    Does it have instructions?

    It is a very nice gun! :D

    Wow, just a few months ago, your guns were, to be brutally honest 'Good', but they are truly brilliant now. You seem like you really deserve this, you put a lot of your time into it, so well done!

    Thank you so much, it means a lot for someone to tell me my guns are brilliant! What do I deserve though?

    With the amount of guns you build and the time you put in, you deserve to be this good.

    Sorry if it didn't come across so clearly.

    Nice Gun! Also, congrats on winning First Prize in the contest! I'll be back soon haha.

    Thanks, what are you working on? Hey could you go check out my new full auto knex gun, I know a while ago you were interested in those and would love your opinion!

    I'm currently working on a Double-Barreled Breech Loading rifle....I just saw your Full-Auto gun, and I'll be sure to check it out!

    I have a idea for a compact bolt action gun that is completely internal and the bolt is pulled like a AR