Hello once again instructables! Today I bring you my recreated Barrett 50 cal. So about a year ago I made a Barrett for my first replica ( BTW don't EVER make this a first replica build, it is a very piece consuming and difficult build) it was horrible and looked nothing like the Barrett. So a year later I bring to you guys my approved version of the Barrett.

The Barrett 50 cal is a massive sniper rifle that shoots a 50 BMG (BMG stands for Browning machine gun and was originally developed for a machine gun during WWI) it is known around the world for its massive penetration. It also has a bad reputation for being slightly inaccurate compared to its competitors, but 500 yards back you can easily hit you target.

Now to the stats

Looks awesome
Sturdy (the barrel is a bit wobbly though)
Since the way the gun is designed, it gets a good pull back with a true trigger design
Folding up bipod which is spring loaded
Removable 12 round mag
50 foot range
Good weight(you feel like you are holding a real gun)
Very piece consuming

So that's it guys please tell me what you think in the comments.
<p>Does it have instructions?</p><p>It is a very nice gun! :D</p>
<p>Wow, just a few months ago, your guns were, to be brutally honest 'Good', but they are truly brilliant now. You seem like you really deserve this, you put a lot of your time into it, so well done!</p>
Thank you so much, it means a lot for someone to tell me my guns are brilliant! What do I deserve though?
<p>With the amount of guns you build and the time you put in, you deserve to be this good.</p><p>Sorry if it didn't come across so clearly.</p>
<p>Nice Gun! Also, congrats on winning First Prize in the contest! I'll be back soon haha.</p>
Thanks, what are you working on? Hey could you go check out my new full auto knex gun, I know a while ago you were interested in those and would love your opinion!
<p>I'm currently working on a Double-Barreled Breech Loading rifle....I just saw your Full-Auto gun, and I'll be sure to check it out!</p>
I have a idea for a compact bolt action gun that is completely internal and the bolt is pulled like a AR
I'll put it on your<br>Orange board
Can you make an l85a2
<p>Well, I dunno. It's cool, but that bending barrel isn't great. It I liked the 700 better. It is pretty cool. </p><p>Oh, and take 10.5 pounds off of the cons list, it's a pro. And it's light compared to the 30 pound Barrett. </p>
You have to figure that, the barrel is 1.5 feet long, and it's all held up by a single string of blue connectors it dosnt bend near as bad as it could. I think everyone loves the 700, it's my favorite gun I've ever built as far as looks go. Think about this, little plastic pieces put together weigh 10.5 pounds that's a lot but I might change it to a pro later.
<p>Yep, I understand. You did a good job, even though you've done a better job on other guns.</p><p>This proves that we think differently, to you, that's a con, but to me, little pieces of plastic put together weighing 10.5 pounds is epic, sort of along the same lines of ball machines that fill an entire room.</p>
Ok I took it off the cons I see your point. What do you think of the gun as far as its angles, what could I improve to make it better (other than the barrel because that's pretty much impossible the fix that slight bend, I've all ready tried) what could I improve?
Well, other then the barrel, it look quite good, but it needs a larger pistol grip.
<p>Looks good!</p>
Weight weight weight hold on here (do you get it :) ) you a knex wizard wants to do a colab with a average knexer like me. It would be a honor to work with you.
Thanks! After corgis comment, I thought nobody was going to like it. Even after I got those 300 yellow connectors and 400 green rods, I still barely have any left. I'll take the weight out of the cons and put it in the pros. I'm going to make a YouTube vid eventually, right now I'm to lazy though. lol

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