Step 3: Creating the legs and body

Picture of Creating the legs and body
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Step 3c.JPG
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Step 3g.JPG
Step 3h.JPG
Step 3i.JPG
Step 3 finish.JPG
The legs and torso aren't that difficult to make.
1-4 this is the leg both legs are the same so build it twice
5 these are your finished legs the red connectors are the back of the legs and the white rods on the white connector should face each other like they do in the picture.
6-8 this piece looks the same from both sides. to create this you need 12 of those black connectors i mentioned in the earlier steps.
9 connect the top white connector into the blue connector on both sides and the other white rods should just have the very ends into that black connectors and the bottom this is for stability so the legs don't wobble from all the weight thats going to be put onto this thing.
10 the legs and torso should look like this
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I had a lot of trouble on step 3 pictures 6-8 can you make better steps.
glitched9700 (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t5 years ago
If you can be more specific of what the problem is, I can help you out.
well i actually finished it but i didnt feel like having it so i destroyed it