Step 3: Creating the Legs and Body

The legs and torso aren't that difficult to make.
1-4 this is the leg both legs are the same so build it twice
5 these are your finished legs the red connectors are the back of the legs and the white rods on the white connector should face each other like they do in the picture.
6-8 this piece looks the same from both sides. to create this you need 12 of those black connectors i mentioned in the earlier steps.
9 connect the top white connector into the blue connector on both sides and the other white rods should just have the very ends into that black connectors and the bottom this is for stability so the legs don't wobble from all the weight thats going to be put onto this thing.
10 the legs and torso should look like this
cool <br>
dude you really think wrong male ball joint female hole joint that is nasty
Amazing transformer, I actually couldn't build it becuase I ran out of joints, but I boosted your ratings to 5 stars!
i like transformers i wanna make frenzy :3
yah, I guess it's okay but it's the best if i just had the starscream instructions i could compare them and see which one is better.
What does having starscream instruction have anything to do with building frenzy?
sorry i meant comparing starscream and barricade to see wich one is built better
So you can only give you opinion on barricade if its compared to Starscream? I don't understand what one has anything to do with the other.
just forget it, well anyways i want to see the new transformers movie it looks good but people say it's suppose to suck
I think all the designs for the robots are terrible which is making this movie look horrible to me, but I wontknow for sure until I see it this weekend. =(<br/>
i'm really looking forward to seeing the movie i agree with the design thing but also i think megatron is a car design in this movie and i'm not so sure about that, but what i really like blackout is still a helicopter but what they really need to get rid of in the movie and the video game is auptimus prime because he's to herioc, but speaking of the video game i own the 1st transformer video game and i really want to get the 2nd because on the show X play they gave an intro about it and it looks so good i want to get it so bad
get rid of optimus?<br>you've obviously no idea what your saying<br><br>ontopic:awesome build
i made one simerlar but i havent posted it but its good
for the bendy blue rods i didnt have any so i used one of the bendy rods that are the same size of a yellow one and i took one of thos double orange connectors and messursed the thing and taped the bendy yellow rod on the orange connector so it was the length of a bendy blue rod:)
huh <br>
so many black ball tip pieces i ran out
can you use any other piece of knex other than the blue bendy rods?
cool!! but before i build it i need to know how many ball joint connecters there are the ones with the ball on top becuse i have like 6
you need quite a bit and its no exception all my transformers require alot of these kinds of joints to build
for barricade you need 20 but i counted and I'm using with all my transformers and things built 120 ball joint pieces and thats just the piece with the ball at the end and i still have more to use, So i don't know how many people actually have that many knex man pieces.
Glitched seriosly post one of those cool autobots (except optimus i don't have enough peices)
Im sorry. I should have explaiened better. What I mean is what knex sets do I need?
you just need the pieces from the knex men sets and the bendy rods but I don't remember where i got them from.
what transformer will you post next
it will be a surprise i want to see other people post transformers
is a real transformer and could u post it sune
hey you can use two blue and black hinge thang in u dont have blue flex rode
yeah you have to be creative if you don't have the pieces, well done
thanks i got a LOT of flex rods but no blue ones lol
your on while im on? cool
about: 36 hands... 14 sockets... 18 ball connectors... excluding frenzy
you only need 20 for barricade and you may be able to cut that down if you get creative with replacing peices
dude! barricade and frenzy are awsome!!!!!!!!!! the only thing I want to know is what sets of pieces do I need to get? your barricade is so awsome!! that I really want to buid it! the only reason Im asking is because I want to build it!
i love it
I had a lot of trouble on step 3 pictures 6-8 can you make better steps.
If you can be more specific of what the problem is, I can help you out.
well i actually finished it but i didnt feel like having it so i destroyed it
Two more peope posted a transformer now pretty please post one of yours!!!!!
good one
could you post an instructable for your optimus prime please?:) :) :)
what would be the point? not only would it take for ever, nobody would have the pieces to build it.
I made an awesome k'nex motorcycle, should i post? Watch the video too.
plz make instructable in the next 4 days plz
Sorry but I destroyed it to make a rifle which i regret to inform you that also won't get posted because of high matinence and the danger of the ram exploding and denting my wall =p. Also when I shot a cd, a shard cut my thumb &lt;= I.I<br/>
what did you wreck it for dude?
do you say 'dude' after everything?
its not bad but its supossed to transform dude!!!!
wow!! post it!!

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