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hey guys this is my knex base gun. also guys i would just like to say that this my first instructable so could you be nice about the comments please.

parts list:




yellow: 15


white: 14

green: 14


Connector 5-way Yellow: 23

Connector 4-way Green: 10

Connector 3-way Red: 11

Connector 2-way straight Orange: 28

Connector 2-way grey: 8

Connector 4-way 3D Silver: 4

Connector 7-way 3D Mid blue : 4


Clip with Hole end Purple: 21

Hinge - Blue half : 6

y- clip : 5

tan clip : 9

Step 1: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

build this

Step 2: Aiming Mechanism

Picture of Aiming Mechanism

build this

Step 3: The Base

Picture of The Base

build this

Step 4: The Front Protection

Picture of The Front Protection

this protects the gun

Step 5: The Side Protection

Picture of The Side Protection

build two of these

Step 6: Slide Mechanism

Picture of Slide Mechanism

this allows you to slide the barrel forward

Step 7: Aiming Lock

Picture of Aiming Lock

this locks the aiming mechanism to specific place you want

Step 8: Final Build

Picture of Final Build

connect slide mechanism to the base ( make sure that the slide mechanism is at the back of the base).

connect the barrel to the slide mechanism ( look at picture 1 above). connect the aiming mechanism to the base ( look at picture above).

connect aiming mechanism to base and barrel (look at picture 2 above).

connect front and back protection to base (look at picture 3).

to connect the aiming lock, you connect the red connector with green rod to yellow connector that has a blue rod connected to it, you then feed both of them out from the back (look at the back of the base on picture 1).


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-04-29

Nice write-up. This is one of the more detailed knex projects that I have seen.

Thanks share this with your friends please

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Bio: My name iby I am 13 and from Scotland, I like knex, rc care modifying and engineering
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