K'nex Basic Assault Sniper

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Introduction: K'nex Basic Assault Sniper

Hey, I want you all to take a look at my new basic assault sniper. It features the range of a sniper rifle and the mobility of an assault rifle. It is meant for small to medium scale wars, giving teams a ranged advantage. The rifle features a ratchet system towards the back of the gun. The ratchet system is very reliable, and provides the gun with great range for its size. In addition, the sniper is highly customizable, as the user can increase the barrel length to increase range and power, or increase the length of the stock if the user has longer arms.

Enough of my extremely biased introduction. If you have any imput on how I can make my gun better, please drop a comment. I will appreciate any constructive critisism as this is my first gun I have made without instructions. Eventually I should get around to posting instructions if enough of you guys want me to. Take a look.



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