K'nex Basketball Game





Introduction: K'nex Basketball Game

Cool easy make game that can be finished in under a half an hour. Perfect for on your desk or in an office.

Step 1: Supplies for Basketball Hoop and Launcher

Step 2: Base of Basketball Hoop and Pole

The extra part on the basketball pole helps balance weight.

Step 3: Backboard and Hoop

Backboard attaches easily to hoop. Also everything fits together well.

Step 4: Base and Sides of Launcher

Sides slide into base.

Step 5: Launcher

Middle yellow piece on launcher slides into red pieces on both sides of base.

Step 6: Finished Project

Now just hit the end of the launcher to launch the ball in the hoop.
Works well and is very fun to use!
Hope you enjoyed this project!

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It was very cool did it with twenty kindergrners they loved it

This isn't your creation. The instructable is good but shouldn't be featured. Sorry.


The idea is based off that but modified. There's didn't work so I made my own shooter and remade the hoop so that it stayed up.

This is actually on a knex building set online code thingy. This comes in the red box one im not sure how many pieces tho. but im just saying it comes in a kit and this isnt an origonal idea. :(

Cool but they don't deside the winner of contests by votes. A serried of judges picks the winner!