Cool easy make game that can be finished in under a half an hour. Perfect for on your desk or in an office.

Step 1: Supplies for Basketball Hoop and Launcher

This isn't your creation. The instructable is good but shouldn't be featured. Sorry.
This basketball set is awesome. Great job!<br>
This game is awesome.Well done!I made a slightly larger version and found that,on the launcher, if you put a small blue spacer inbetween the grey 2 prong and the red 90 degree it fires smoother.Thank You<br><br>
The idea is based off that but modified. There's didn't work so I made my own shooter and remade the hoop so that it stayed up.
no mames como n0o sale culelos
shinguen su mare putitos
This is actually on a knex building set online code thingy. This comes in the red box one im not sure how many pieces tho. but im just saying it comes in a kit and this isnt an origonal idea. :(
Cool but they don't deside the winner of contests by votes. A serried of judges picks the winner!
Half of the finalists are decided by votes, the second half are picked by the judges.
COOL! Great thing I've got K'NEX!!!
Awesome and congratz on being featured! :D
Nicely done.

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