Knex Batarang Flinger.




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Introduction: Knex Batarang Flinger.

My K'nex Batarang flinger, it shoots 20-40 feet, 50 with a really high strength rubber band, but then it is harder to shoot. It fire all sorts of ammo, i will show all of them i use if i post it.



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    not to be mean but this sucks, it just throws stuff and doesnt even have a trigger. Also i agree with st j, slide shows and pointless, AND u dont need even need to post this because any moron can build this by pausing the first picture, again not to be mean

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    It's really easy to mod one of those guns to have a trigger. Just extend the stock and and a white piece to the red piece in the back. Then add a rubber band to the white piece you added.

    its still just a slingshot


    stop using slide shows. Is your logo a pidgeon in space? =)

    how is the red connector a batarang?

    post that video on the instructable. also post this gun, its pretty cool

    batarang flinger? more like the poo flinger rofl. sorry I just had to I don't rely mean it though.

    enough with the slideshows!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

    sort of, in the picture of the gun being loaded, you just pull the connector back then let go.

    i made one like this.
    they fire really far dont they.
    mines kinda got a trigger and such.
    great job (Y)