this is an instructable on how to make a knex batarang the easy version takes approximately 1:07 and the advanced 6:36.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Easy Advanced

9 Grey Connectors 27 Grey Connectors
1 Red Connector 3 Red Connectors
2 White/ Grey Rods 12 Grey/ White Rods
10 Green/ Black Rods 30 Green/ Black Rods

Time 1:07 Time 6:36
close not quite
you did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. and the blue background looks cool
thats actually kinda sad... im guna post 1. guna be named batarang awsome look it up or subscribe 2 me 2 c it.
&nbsp;u might be able to use greens instead of greys<br /> <br />
i like it...if u dont got much knex,but u wana shoot some,then is this the perfect batarang!8.5
it looks even better with a red clip not a purple ting good other wise! +1 :)
wings are too square.
good job!!! 4 and a ha lf stars!!!
Cute... On something as small as this batarang, you did a very nice job at making it look like the bat symbol.
is it still in the bike contest or has it been removed?
hey yeah cool n all but...um ......are u meant to hang it from ur bike or sumthin coz its in the bike contest??
... Not related to bikes. Please remove this from the contest.
good idea , i dont have any knex only LEGO !! p.s why is it in th bike contest??
Nice! I really like it. Nice to have something new to save us from the flow of block triggers.
o i just noticed something, you should remove this from the bike month contest.
nice, thats really close to the real thing, thought he wings need a little more something something.
well, that's a first. +1
perty darn close. Good job! thats a first on this site. +1

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