This is just another idea i came up with for k'nex. please comment & subscribe!
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Step 1: Piece Count

Picture of Piece Count
This instructable doesn't require a lot of pieces. You will need a Toothbrush, Toothpaste and a skinny Bar of Soap.

Step 2: The Toothbrush Holder

Picture of The Toothbrush Holder
This is The Toothbrush holder. Without the spacers, the Toothbrush would fall out.

Step 3: The Toothpaste Holder

Picture of The Toothpaste Holder
This is The Toothpaste Holder. This one's easy.

Step 4: The Soap Holder

Picture of The Soap Holder
This is The Soap Holder. I spent a lot of time on the design

Step 5: Done

Picture of Done
Now just put your Toothbrush in The Toothbrush Holder, Toothpaste in The Toothpaste Holder, and your Bar of Soap in The Soap Holder! Please remember to rate, comment & subscribe for more awesome k'nex instructables!