Step 4: The Soap Holder

This is The Soap Holder. I spent a lot of time on the design
I like these. A couple of years ago I moved into my apartment after a breakup and had almost nothing to bring with me, but I did have a big box of Knex and a bunch of time. So I made a few things I needed. One of them was a toilet paper holder that I still use and am quite proud of. Here are a couple of pics.
<b>Thanks for these. I was wondering if i could make an instructable about that. Is that ok? btw, i'll show your credit for the idea.</b>
Sure go ahead.
thanks these are great<br>
Muhahaha. Now, how do I steal some of that pesky Knex from my 5 year old?
Where's the glass made of K'Nex?<br> <br><br>;-)

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