I know its not the exact look of the batmobile but i tried my best

Step 1:

Do this

Step 2:

Do this

Step 3:

Attach step 1 & 2

Step 4:

Put some green pegs(connectors) in the wheels this step is optional

Step 5:

Do this 2x

Step 6:

Do this

Step 7:

Attach step 5&6 like this

Step 8:

Do this 2x

Step 9:

Do this just one time

Step 10:

Attach step 8&9 and do the following

Step 11:

Attach step 7 and 10

Step 12:

Attach step 4&11 with the rods

Step 13:

I add two grey connectors to lock the two steps

Step 14:

Add some red connectors like this
Nice batmobile for...dinnerdinnerdinnerdinner FATMAN! (Geddit? he ate too much dinner)
What vehicle sould i do next
<p>I think you did a great job.</p>
<p><font><font>Looks nice!</font></font></p>

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Bio: I gona be posting knex instructables
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