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Hey guys knexer105 here with a Battle axe that I built. I added some add-ons and turned out AWESOME!!!!! If you want instructions check out LittleBilly's channel!



ProtectTheAlphaWolf (author)2016-07-18

looks like the rescue axe in the set you have only better!☺

LittleBilly (author)2016-07-13

Thanks for giving me credit

Knexer105 (author)LittleBilly2016-07-13

sorry my emojis wont work

Knexer105 (author)LittleBilly2016-07-13

Your welcome ?

Knexer105 (author)LittleBilly2016-07-13

Your welcome?

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Bio: Hey everyone it is Knexer105 here with knex, Legos, and more.If you have something for me let me know in the comments (also if ... More »
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