Hi people, this is my first instructable and I hope you like it!

P.S: I am not responsible for and injuries, please consult your doctor before making the axe.

Part Count:
- 5 8slot connectors
- 3 5slot connectors
- 4 4slot connectors
- 11 2slot (orange) connectors
- 4 2slot (grey) connectors
- 4 1slot connectors

- 12 red rods
- 8 orange rods
- 8 yellow rods
- 6 blue rods
- 3 white rods
- 3 green rods

2 blue spacers

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Sorry for the brightness and blur.
If you need any help, just ask.

Step 1: Handle (part 1)

This should be easy.

8 red rods
2 8slot connectors

Step 2: Handle (part 2)

Also easy.

8 2slot (orange) connectors

Step 3: Handle (part 3)

Even easier.

8 orange rods
1 8slot connector

Step 4: The Blades

Just copy the design from the picture.

2 red rods
4 yellow rods
5 blue rods
1 8slot connector
1 5slot connector
2 4slot connectors
2 2slot (grey) connectors
3 1slot connector

Then do another one.

Step 5: Connecting the Two Blades

Just connect the two blades, according to the picture.

1 5slot connector
2 green rods
2 white rods
two bades (obviously)

Step 6: The Main Connector

Here's a small piece which is important since with it, you can connect the blades to the handle.

1 blue rod
1 white rod ( it may not be visible but it is attached to the bottom of the middle orange connector)
3 2slot (orange) connectors
2 1slot connectors
2 blue spacers

Step 7: Putting It Together

Well grab the parts and put them together! Piece of cake.

main connector
LOL, <em> P.S: I am not responsible for and injuries, please consult your doctor before making the axe. </em><br/><br/>Why would you need to consult a doctor in order to make a toy axe? I make the real deal steel weapons, or wooden or bamboo sparring weapons, and all of them are at least 10 times more dangerous than these, and I don't need to consult a doctor whatsoever.....<br/>
unless you made one out or rods sharpened on one side so it can be deadly
Nah, in my opinion sharpened plastic toy rods are only dangerous for kids below the age of.... 7 at the very most. And even so I still don't see why you have to consult your doctor for making a toy axe or a sharpened plastic stick.
Rofl Owned.
good for you... T__T
i hit my brother and broke it on his head and he cryed for 4 hours
i changed the outer pieces into big triangles i also made one with a longer handle
'please console your doctor before making the axe.' That made me ROFL! "It's ok doctor, I'm sure that your wife left you for a good reason. Now I have to go and make an axe out of a plastic construction toy.'
this is for the war monger in me
I was suggesting that you find some way to secure the blades to the handle more effectively.
Well you could always add 1 2slot (orange) connector on the bottom of each blade to the handle, that should give it more support.
I built two of these, but the blades are not too secure and flop around a lot of the time. I recommend finding some way to secure them better.
Well, I did say that you can mod them.
not bad. is it flimsy?
The blades are kind of flimsy but the rest is pretty resistant.
Oh one more thing, if any one has any mods for it, please tell me.
do you mean consult your doctor?
Yeah I was a little sleepy while I was posting the instructable. It was 5am and I didnt even sleep that night.
Please console your doctor? I think you mean "Please CONSULT your doctor." But It looks pretty cool. Only thing is it looks like the blades would break pretty easily.
oops, my mistake, I corrected it.
Looks like a ratchet and clank wrench!!!

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