Knex Battle Rifle




Introduction: Knex Battle Rifle

This is one of my guns. It is a sturdy true trigger rifle with an under slung grenade launcher(just a smaller gun underneath the main one) and removeable magazines. It is quite powerful and i dont know how far it shoots. I may make instructions for it if enough people want to build it. Please rate and comment

I am also known as King1000 ( but i decided to make a new account



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    Nice gun, dose it actually shoot knex grenades

    Solid gun, definitely. Although much like TBM, I see elements of my earlier storm models, such as the pin guide. Have you built any of my guns before either?

    no, this gun started out nothing like it is now and i havnt been on instructables for quite a while and if you want to make it i may post instructions

    Pretty neat. i must say it resembles my scar 11.1 have you ever built anything that Ive posted?

    no i havent but it all looks prety good. i might make something of yours soon